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Uploaded 19th Dec 2019 at 9:30 PM

Hey Simmers
I have a new hair mesh for your male Sims. It's not perfect but works for me especially from a certain distance.
I created it combining and editing two Maxis hair meshes, I used the Ponytail from the base game for male Sims and some parts from Shorttuckin' for female Sims from the base game again.
The textures are a little bit crunchy and not perfect and the mesh clipps a little bit throughout the animation but not very noticable.
Since this has been a more challenging creation from me, who by the way is far away from being an experienced mesher, I wanted to share it.
Retextures and mesh edits or fixes are always welcomed from my side, so feel free to get crazy with the stuff I upload. If you have any suggestions I'm excited to see what I can do because I'm open to challenges.
This time I also included a picture that shows the hairstyle from a distance which doesn't look too bad. But you can also feel free to share tipps and tricks or criticism that I can try to incorporate or improve.

That's it for this time.
Happy Simming as always

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 737
Vertices: 540

Additional Credits:
Milkshape SimPE Bloom and Hysterical Paroxysm
for the tutorials how to add groups to an existing mesh