One Tree Hill Collection- Karen's Cafe (Business)

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I really like the tv seriesOne Tree Hill, so I decided to recreate some buildings in the series.

Here you find Karen's Cafe, when Haley and Brook decide to reopen it (series 7-8).

You can see that it is very similar to the original, in the attic there is the terrace where the boys of Tree Hill used to go and talk, pull water balloons etc., and I inserted a microphone in the corner, where Haley or the various singers performed.

I entered a staff room where they can rest or eat something.
I recreated the piece of wall with with the inscription "somebody told me this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe" that Brooke detached from the old Karen's Cafe to put it first in her shop and bought in the new Karen's Cafe.
Also the External Awing and Windows Sign with the inscription of Karen's Cafe are mine.

I decided to build the whole building to make it more similar to the original,
so you'll find the right side and 3 completely empty floors.

If you want you can furnish them as you wish.

If you like my creations please leave a comment. Thank you.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price (furnished): 158.011

Custom Content Included:
- Gentrific "Flame-O-Rama" Fireplace WITHOUT CHIMNEY by mia86
- OMSP for Fireplaces by JohnBrehaut1
- OMSP for Low Fridges by JohnBrehaut1
- Manor House Garden Lamp Post by phoenix_phaerie
- The Accented Glass Floor Frosted by iceyboi83
- Manor House Kitchen Pendant by phoenix_phaerie
- Indipendent Expression Inc. 3Tiles - Tall by MaryLou
- Corner Greenhouse Roof Piece, Botom Tier by Lethe_s
- Timber Column by Reyn
- Rustic Timber Column by Reyn
- SolisCounter001 by Alban_Alban
-Light Pane Windows by IgnorantBliss

Custom Content by Me:
- "rest room" sign recolour of Neon Mesh by DOT
- "Karen's Cafe" sign recolour of Neon Mesh by DOT
- "rest room2" sign recolour of Neon Mesh by DOT
- black recolour of Window Awning by Windkeeper
- "karen's Cafe" recolour of Window Awning by Windkeeper
-Karen's Cafe wall 1-2-3-6 Found: Build Mode > Walls > panel. Price: §1
-Karen's Cafe wall 4-5 Found: Build Mode > Walls > tile. Price: §1

-Espresso Machine [CEP-Extra] by HugeLunatic
-Farm Yard Deco Set by Simaddict99
-Window Awning by Windkeeper
-Neon - New Mesh by DOT
-ankara long curtain byAnoeska
-Frameless Glass by Windkeeper