(10) More NixNivis Functional Exercise Mat Recolors

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2019 at 1:43 AM
Happy (almost) New Year!

Just sharing (10) more recolors of NixNivis' Exercise Mat for your sims to enjoy. Made these for my sims to start their year off right... 'cause resolutions.

The mesh is included in the download with thanks, and so are the swatches shown above.


Location in-game: Hobbies>Exercise
Cost: 75

EPs Required: Base-game compatible unless you have the Kitchen & Bath SP; then FreeTime is required

Here is NixNivis' explanation regarding the requirements:
"In case anybody wonders what's up with that EP requirement, I have the mat set up to give Fitness enthusiasm if FT is installed and to bypass it otherwise - but for some inscrutable EAxis reason, K&B returns a false positive for FT. Which causes jump bugs if the player doesn't have FT installed as well."

Credits: SimPE NixNivis
Gaiam/Gaia (for the mat textures)
Whysims (skintone and outfit on my sim)
Sam the man (body hair overlay on my sim)
Nat (hair re-texture on my sim)