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EA's Mid-Century 50s Diner-ish Outfits Converted for Other Ages

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2019 at 4:01 PM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2020 at 2:41 PM
When I read about the Theme catch-up, I was glad to have the opportunity again to submit uploads for certain monthly themes. I was working on these for quite some time now, but never shared them. So, the Theme catch-up came as a relief.

Recreate the Mid-Century: 50s Diner-ish atmosphere with new clothes for your sims!

This set includes a bunch of age converted clothes in the 50s Diner theme, hence, mid-century theme, which is why, I thought it'd fit into MTS's monthly theme.
I age-converted the teen 50s dress for adults and the adult/teen floral dress for female children. For the boys, I converted EA's adult open shirt pants outfit for teens and children. Also, I've included EA's bonus recolors from The Sims 2: Nightlife, which were also included in the contest sets back on The Sims 2 Exchange. I kept the same category flags as EA's original outfits from which I cloned these outfits from, so all the clothes are in the everyday category only.

I've used the texture refering method when I created the recolor files, meaning, the files will require the The Sims 2: Nightlife EP in order to load. Also, if you use default replacement textures, these outfits will also be affected by them. Furthermore, I enabled the outfits for townies and de-customized them. These meshes include a fully working fat (and even pregnant!) morphs!
They'll show up in the corresponding expansion pack/game catalogues.

Therefore, I recommend placing these downloads into your C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\*Latest EP/SP Pack\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins folder.
By default it's C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins
If you have The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, it's C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins

But you can also place them into your Downloads folder, just be CAREFUL and NEVER delete these outfits using the delete button in-game. Otherwise, you'll mess up your game files. If you want to delete these outfits, just remove them from the Downloads/Bins folder and you're good to go!

Polygon Counts:
body: FaceCount=2306, VertexCount=1733

body: FaceCount=2478, VertexCount=1904

body: FaceCount=1994, VertexCount=1454

body: FaceCount=1994, VertexCount=1436

Additional Credits:
Huge thanks to the creators of SimPE for making this possible
CmarNYC for Meshing Toolkit - version 1.4.9 which was used to assign the bones with and/or create the fat/pregnant morphs
BloomsBase and fakepeeps7
Because they gave me helpful advice while I was learning how to mesh.