Little Boxes : a street from the Bo-Kaap

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These are fake row houses, based on the Bo-Kaap, for your Sims.

This is a hood in Cape Town, in the Signal Hill area, and also a national heritage site.
Also known as the Malayan quarter, this is the place where the slaves, most originally from Malaysia, went to build a new life after they were freed. The first house may have been built as early as in 1795. Many of these former slaves were builders and artisans and the houses share traits with the Cape Dutch house, as well as the later British colonial buildings.
Most of these houses are single level, but there are quite a number of double storey houses too; and they normally have a small garden at the back. You can rent some of them on trips to Cape Town.
They are pretty, they are colourful, as is the whole of the Bo-Kaap, which is a prime tourism attraction. The history is rich; the first Muslim mosque was built here in the early 1800?s; and the cuisine has become an integral part of normal South African cooking. Needless to say that a meal at a Cape Malay restaurant should be a priority for any visitor. And don?t leave without buying spices.

This is what the area looks like, and a closer look at some of the houses.

Although most of the houses don't have gardens in the front yards, there are a couple of blocks that do, so I have made mine with front gardens. This is what they look like in hood view:

Most of the houses are actually painted in pastel colours, but there are a high number of bold ones too.

Custom Content Needed and not included: Go get it

The colorture-backless shower by HugeLunatic from here - I used it 7 of the lots ( Houses 4, 5 and 8 do not use it).

Custom Content Needed and Included:
The awesome walls by Honeywell are included They are part of this set: - from her painted collection, and I used them on all the lots. I have not used all the painted walls, the detailed list, which are small sets within the big set, included can be seen below:

- A delightful shade of pink! CAUTION: Not for topical use
- Mr. McHale guards his blue jealously. Use at your own risk
- True Blue is the color of trust, honesty and loyalty. Of course, this is "Country Blue", True Blue's superficial cousin. Country Blue might not have the depth of character that good 'ol True Blue has but they sure are pretty to look at
- Adorn your baby's room with this bright pink paint
- Don't let the pedestrian name fool you. A vivid swipe and splash of "Designer Green" will deliver the chic to any room
- A textured and aesthetically interesting wall in "Dark Country Mint"
- This dark red is dignified and almost somber
- If your Sims lived a couple of miles under the ocean off the coast of Australia, they wouldn't need this paint. They would, however, need scuba gear.
- "Oh, the loveliest color that I've ever found
- An a-peel-ing green.
- A brilliantly deep yellow.

I use the following defaults in my game. You do not need to download them for the lots to work,

(Note that the default bedding will not show up in your game, your own defaults or Maxis bedding will show).
The default bedding in my screenshots is from here:
Roof trims by Honeywell :
Ceiling Default Replacement by Honeywell :
Concrete wall replacement by Maranatah :
Wall top texture replacement by Maranatah :
White Floor Edge Replacement by Feenwald

I used the Lot Adjuster to shrink the lots in order to build the connecting walls. The lots are actually 20X10 (the Lot Adjustor counts the 10 tiles of the road). House 1 and House 10 make up the beginning and the end of my street, but I have actually only added fences to the left side (house 1) and the right side (house 10). I thought it makes it easier to place the houses down in any order, and you can always add a fence if you want to anywhere.

The prices are not too expensive. The houses are fully furnished, and each house has a bookcase, a television and a desk. You can download the set in one file, or the houses individually.

House prices
1. 32,132
2. 39,913
3. 29,866
4. 40,191
5. 39,069
6. 30,682
7. 52,347
8. 39,993
9. 42,659
10. 40,868

I hope you will enjoy this little glimpse of the Bo-Kaap, and find the lots useful too

I use the Ultimate Collection.

Lot Size: 2x1
Lot Price (furnished): 29,866 to 52,347

Additional Credits:
EA, Maxis and The Sims 2
The Lot Adjuster :
Turn on/off all lights:
Chris Hatch for his lot compressor and cleaning lot globe
Mod the Sims for the site, the opportunity to upload and the tutorials and creators who are always helpful.

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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