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Mermaid Tails Available for All Sims!

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2020 at 4:24 PM
Updated: 7th Aug 2022 at 1:19 AM
!!!! As of 8/6/2022, this mod is no longer supported and will receive no more updates. !!!

I heard that some people were having trouble with having Vampire/Mermaid hybrid sims who couldn?t swim with their tail because of a glitch. I took it upon myself to make these Island Living tails available for ALL OCCULT SIMS and ALL SEXES/STATURES from TEEN TO ELDER! I used the meshes available for mermaids and simply made them available for sims who are occult.

A few notes:
- Recolors you may have downloaded for the tails will NOT show up when using my mod on sims. This is because on mermaid sims, these are tails while in any other scenario the game recognizes these as pants/bottoms. These are separate items and therefore the recolors will not automatically work for my item.
- Originally, I saw sims EVERYWHERE randomly with these around town. I have disabled randomness, so you will no longer randomly see random sims wearing this tail around town.
- Sometimes, sims' feet will still show up when using these tails. Please download a No Foot Mod in order for these feet to not show when walking/swimming in the tail! I use this one, personally, although any No Foot Mod will work.