Elevator WooHoo Memories Fix

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Uploaded: 5th Jan 2020 at 1:49 PM
Updated: 23rd Jan 2021 at 4:35 PM - recommended
With this mod, Sims having WooHoo in an elevator both get memories about it. Originally, only the Sim that initiates WooHoo in an elevator gets WooHoo memories.
(Elevators appear in Open for Bussines and Apartment Life)

Update (2 Sep 2020): Removed a typo in the name. You don't have to redownload anything.
This mod may or may not affect custom elevators. So far, I've found only one: The Glass Elevator by macarossi, and it is not affected by this mod.

None that I know of.

Overriden resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
WooHoo - Wants and MemoriesBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FE6B74C0x000020290x00000000
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