TS3 Korean Drama Music Theme

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2020 at 6:46 AM
Updated: 21st May 2020 at 2:12 AM
Update 1/12/2020
- Added Version 2 for people who junction-linked their mods or TS3 folder. It took a lot more work to make and debug, but it is more stable. If you downloaded version 1 before and have issues, download this one instead. If you are new, download version 2.

This one is also better quality b/c I restarted from the original rip in WAV format. However, tell you the truth, I can't really tell the difference. My hearing is just not that refined. That being said, the format is standard VBR 155-195. I could make it max quality, but it also means much larger file size. If there are people who really want one, please leave a message in the comments. I still have the project WAV files, so I can generate one.

- I add "full movie" links to each of the movie descriptions. These movie links are in Youtube, so I guess they're ok to use. Enjoy them!

If you are laughing, don't worry I am laughing too. I made this while learning how to replace the game music. Since it is complete and it does sound pretty nice, I thought perhaps I should share it because there might be other Korean drama fans out there like me who want a little more "mood" music for the game. But yes, I know this is actually quite specific taste.

I think players who are playing Asian themes (like Miyamuchi world) or drama themed games may have a higher interest in this, but to tell you the truth, all the songs are instrumental (mostly piano), so it is a rather nice relaxing theme set. Anyways, It just happened to be 49.6MB and a perfect single upload, so why not?

The songs are taken from OST of 3 Korean drama movies, from like .... 20 years ago, so my age is showing:

- My Sassy Girl (Wiki): A very popular movie from 2001. It is a very creative romantic comedy that will leave you with moments of laughter, cringe-worthy situations, and very touching moments. There was a US remake which sucked.
(Full Movie 1080p - English/Indonesian Sub)

- Il Mare (Wiki): Made in 2000, one of the most deeply philosophical movies about love, longing, tragedy, and loss. It is also well choreographed, artistic, and just an overall perfect film. It was remade in the US titled "Lakehouse," which was terrible.
(Full Movie 1080p - English Sub)

- Windstruck (Wiki): Made in 2004. It's not that good, but the music is fantastic and Jeon Ji-Hyun is in it.
(Full Movie 480p - English Sub)

If you have not seen these movies, I highly recommend My Sassy Girl and Il Mare, both are my all time favorites. Though My Sassy Girl is much more popular and many of you may have heard it, but Il Mare is the hands down my favorite movie of all time. Not only is it well written, choreographed, but the movie is philosophically deep about tragedy, love, life, and loss.

Anyhow here are the track list for the replacements:
(The play samples are not the same as the one in the mod. I used my own OST collection for the mod, not from youtube)

- Il Mare Theme (Play)
- My Sassy Girl Theme: I Believe (Play)
- Windstruck: Reunion (Play)

Map / Edit Town:
- Il Mare OST: Karma
- My Sassy Girl OST: Love & Longing (Play)
- Windstruck OST: Paper Plane (Play)

- Il Mare OST: Bossa Ghetti (Play)
- My Sassy Girl OST: Lost Memory (Play)
- My Sassy Girl OST: Lullaby (Play)
- My Sassy Girl OST: Winter Traveler (Play)

Build / Buy:
- Windstruck OST: At the Cafe (Play)
- Windstruck OST: Going Back (Play)
- Windstruck OST: Let's Begin (Play)
- Windstruck OST: Stay Pizzicato (Play)
- Windstruck OST: The Fifth Suitor (Play)

Just download, pop it in, and ENJOY!!

Since this is a thematic replacement of all the song lists, it will conflict with other music replacements for CAS, Load/Theme, Build/Buy, and Map/Edit Town.

However if you wish to run multiple themes, I wrote a tutorial on how to write a batch file (using only notepad) to auto random your music collections and run different themes.

Tutorial on How to Write a Batch for Manual and Randomizing Music Themes Selector

Additional Credits:
FlyBy, mypantsfelldown, Wojtek, AGuyCalledPi - for their help, tutorial, advice, etc.. on music replacement

Buurz for sharing the easier 2 file method.