Schmapple SmacBook Pro - 38 Colors!

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2020 at 7:58 AM
Updated: 22nd Jan 2020 at 2:20 PM - Fixed Inventory Issue.
EDIT: Fixed the inventory issue, & should now be fully portable! Please Redownload.

Hi Guys!

Back with my 1st upload of 2020!

Today Schmapple brings you the Best New Laptop On The Market! (The most expensive too!)

I liked the look of the new laptop we got, but I hated the ugly gray strip under the screen & how the rest of it lacked detail, so I decided to overhaul & rebrand it to it's full potential.

I resized the textures to be HQ, added a camera lens, & increased the overall metallic shine.

This item uses the "Free-Roam Portable Computing Device" Laptop, & is BGC (Base Game Compatible).

Comes in 35 colors, plus 3 new metallic ones! Only the colorless swatches come in all 5 LED colors, (with the exception of the Red & Blue swatches.)

Can be found under "Electronics" in the Computer area.

Cost: 5,250 Simoleons.

Tuning Upgrades

"Fun": +9 (From +7)
"Reliability": +8 (From +6)


I thought the "X" wallpaper would look good as art, so I threw that in there as well.

Can be found under "Decorative/Wall Objects" in the Paintings area.

Cost: 315 Simoleons.


Additional Credits:
Credit goes to EA for the mesh, & Apple for the inspiration.
"Schmapple & SmacBook" logos & all photo edits by me.
Lavasm helped me with the mesh edit.
Made with The Sims 4 Studio, Blender & Photoshop.