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Invisible Slot Filler- Freely Place Objects On Surfaces!

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2020 at 7:26 PM
Updated: 27th Jan 2020 at 3:35 AM
This is also available on my tumblr, located here. . ModTheSims' upload process takes far too long (This took 6 days to be approved...) so anything else I happen to make will be there.

With this object, you simply fill every available slot on a surface, and are given free reign to place things on it how you please!

We all love making super cluttered builds where we meticulously place all sorts of stuff on tables and counters, right?

But to do that, you have to keep moving the counter in and out of place so that you can freely place items without worrying about them snapping to slots. Maybe you've got a nice beautiful 4 tile island counter and you want to place a fruit bowl in the center, but...there is no "center", there's 4 counter spots with a few random slots and their own centers, but there's no center. And you can't place the fruit bowl because the counters keep trying to hold it instead. So you move them away, and move them back, but now you want to add more clutter, and you have to keep moving and replacing the counters just to get the placement right...

Or maybe you're making a centerpiece for a table and nothing slots properly. So you move the table away, and place the first item, but when you move the table back, it wasn't centered, and it's really hard to see where you're placing it since the table isn't there anymore!

Place the Invisible Slot Filler in every available slot and now those pesky tables will stop desperately clinging to your objects. You can place things wherever you want without having to lose your frame of reference for where they're actually going! Never place something too high, too low, too left, too right, ever again!

Want to use the slots later? Want to make sure your table or counter can still be used by sims to place things down? No problem! Delete the surface to delete the slot fillers on top of it, and simply place down a new fresh one. The freely placed objects will remain in place as they aren't attached to the surface itself, and the invisible slot fillers will be destroyed!

For added fun, place Invisible Slot Fillers in places you don't want sims leaving items. Don't want your sim to EVER put anything on that decorative side table in the hallway? Fill up the slots! Tired of sims placing their dishes on half walls? Fill up the slots! Spent 3 in-game weeks struggling with sims disgusted by trash and couldn't find it because it was on a shelf? FILL UP THE SLOTS!

Found in MISC. DECORATIONS, or by searching for "Invisible". Costs 0 Simoleons!