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Lenny Drae Trailer from Volkonir - v.3

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2020 at 5:43 AM
Updated: 9th Jun 2020 at 6:24 AM - Added Tiny Living tick box to requirements

This lot is categorized in-game as a Tiny Living Residential Lot, and a Tier 3 at that. 74/100 tiles placed.

UPDATE NOTES: With the release of Eco Lifestyle, feel free to replace the stairway to the hidden bunker with a ladder. Future supported builds elsewhere will include the ladder. That pack also unlocks solar panel options for the roof, which would also add realism, and allow Lenny to be more off-the-grid, and a little harder for the NSA to track. Adding the dew collector and Off-the-Grid trait would help as well. Lenny uses very little water, and shouldn't require much electricity to run his trailer either. The bunker uses more energy than anything else.


Lenny's trailer

As mentioned in the story above, Lenny's trailer is the main living area. There is a bunker hidden beneath the wooden shed facade, which doubles as a secondary residence. Two or three Sims can live on this lot comfortably, as it's designed to be a Tiny Residential. However, the central trailer is the main residential area, designed to accommodate one or two Sims max at a time.


The bunker is intended for paranoid Sims to hide in. Lock privileges are essential here. One Sim may sleep comfortably down in the bunker at a time. The lighting and textures are meant to resemble some of the prepper stash bunkers in Far Cry 5, which was used as inspiration for this lot.


Lenny has his own garden area. It's fairly small at the moment, but it's there. You can delete the fake decoration trailers I've placed if you'd like to have a larger garden, if your own survivalist Sims aren't concerned as much about using friends as shields.


In tests I've run so far, routing is fairly solid. Alas, the Murphy bed will only allow one Sim to use it, in spite being a double. I'm surprised Murphy Twin cabinets weren't included. Lenny would definitely use one of those if it were an option.


While this lot will work for any plot of land 20x20 or larger, the one in Windenburg is ideal for it.


This lot is also available in the Gallery, if you would prefer to download from there. So far, it's received compliments for how well the lot is staged.


This lot should be accessible for XBox One and PS4 players via the Gallery as of February 4th, following the release of Tiny Living for console then. Mind the pack requirements. Feedback on console playability is much appreciated.

Lot Size: 20x20
Lot Price (furnished): 48,515
Lot Price (unfurnished): 16,555

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to the dev team of Far Cry 5, who inspired the aesthetics of this lot's bunker.

Update 1/24/2020, 10:16 AM EST: More screenshots have been added, for the diurnally insistent. I also added one night shot, to see the tail lights on of Lenny's main trailer. Bear in mind: these lights are usually off, as he seldom travels anywhere with his trailer in tow. The basement is shown in white light in the added screenshots, though the darker colored lights are canon.

Update 2/12/2020: I have (almost) my entire Volkonir save file copied over to PS4 for testing. Lack of support for mods notwithstanding, everything seems to work like a dream. Some lag on loading screens and CAS not found on the PC version, but environments on console are crisper. And animations are smoother.