Welcome Matt Deshined Rug

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Uploaded 12th Feb 2020 at 10:01 PM · Updated 11th Oct 2020 at 12:07 PM by celtysims

Why was this rug shiny? Who made such a horrendous mistake?

Doesn't matter; it's fixed now.

Obligatory Technical Things:

This mod is a default replacement and remaps the base game 2x1 half-round rug specular. It will conflict with mods that edit the following:

S3_736884F1_00000001_000000000042CBD0%%+VPXY.proxy (I think... I honestly don't remember)

Rugs shouldn't be mirrors. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I play on a Mac, so you may come across .DS_Store files. These are harmless (read: useless) and can be safely deleted.

Despite my best efforts, this mod is incompatible with my Digital Frame Overlay Replacement. I hope to get this fixed one day!

Additional Credits:
Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE