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More 1-tile Dressers! [UPDATE 10/MAR/2020 redownload!]

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 11th Feb 2020 at 2:46 PM
Updated: 10th Mar 2020 at 10:58 AM - updated script classes
UPDATE 10/MAR/2020: changed script classes
Please redownload the dressers! It's been brought to my attention (thank you!) that those who don't have the specific EPs/SPs these dressers are from, don't see any interactions on them. Thus, I have changed the script classes to those of a basegame dresser, and they work properly now I assumed the scripts were being delivered through patches, but it appears this isn't the case (makes sense, really).
Continuing from Blyss's work (shoutout!), here are dressers from the expansion packs (minus ITF)!
As opposed to the smaller desks, these dressers truly are 1-tile only and this time I kept their original presets.

From this project I learned a lot about working with bounding boxes and slots in TSRW~
The most challenging part was working with the vanity-type dressers, since moving the vertices of the parts where the mirrors connected to the "body" would screw up the UV map, so I had to resize them with that in mind. The mirrors ended up quite small for the sake of maintaining proportions, but I think they would look cute as toys for kids! I normally place armchairs beside them anyway

As an extra, I made two versions of the Late Night dresser: one that's as tall as the original, and a shorter one - mainly to make the stencils look good.
Edit: and I also resized the stencils on the Egyptian dresser and enabled one (previously hidden) preset.

These dressers are basegame compatible and don't interfere with the original 2-tile ones.

  • there are 16 dressers in total, all in one .zip and with individual previews;
  • all the dressers are basegame compatible;
  • they be found in the same categories as the original dressers: By Room \ Bedroom \ Dressers and By Function \ Storage \ Dressers;
  • the titles and descriptions are partly copied from the 2-tile dressers (TSRW doesn't allow descriptions as long as the originals);
  • they cost roughly 50% of their 2-tile counterparts.

Polygon Counts:
Dresser with Molding (dresserMediumFederal) - LOD1: 975; LOD2: 333
Hurtado Embelli Dresser (dresserMediumGen) - LOD1: 628; LOD2: 268
Outside the Box Dresser (dresserMediumHETech2x1) - LOD1: 612; LOD2: 258
Dresser of Holding (dresserMediumCeleb) - LOD1: 556; LOD2: 264
Shorter Dresser of Holding (dresserMediumCelebShorter) - LOD1: 556; LOD2: 264
The Permadresser (dresserSeasonCarved) - LOD1: 840; LOD2: 302
Perfect Fit Dresser (dresserSeasonDrawers) - LOD1: 620; LOD2: 266
Suite Dreams Dresser (DresserMidCPop) - LOD1: 596; LOD2: 190
Deux Chic Vanity Set (DresserVanityAntique) - LOD1: 959; LOD2: 359
Behind The Curtain Vanity by Reserve & Reflect(DresserVanityStage) - LOD1: 872; LOD2: 256
Children's Chest of Drawers (dresserAntiqueKids) - LOD1: 932; LOD2: 374
Sheppult Dresser by Aleckzandor Fleppe (dresserDarkLux2x1) - LOD1: 750; LOD2: 286
The Empress Vanity by Vanit? (dresserVanityDarkLux) - LOD1: 960; LOD2: 294
Twigs-n-Sticks Vanity (dresserVanityFairyNatural) - LOD1: 992; LOD2: 310
Dragon Dresser (dresserAsian) - LOD1: 738; LOD2: 236
Good Dresser of Neezer (dresserEgypt) - LOD1: 424; LOD2: 120