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Blake_Boy's Madrid Chandelier from Sims 2 Converted to Sims 4!

3,685 Downloads 177 Thanks  Thanks 9 Favourited 5,742 Views
Uploaded: 21st Feb 2020 at 8:42 PM
Updated: 21st Feb 2020 at 8:49 PM - Better Pix, Descrip., etc.
Blake_Boy was a very talented custom content creator for the Sims 2. His or her last upload was in 2009, but now we find ourselves in the year 2020, and it is throwback time! My favorite of his or her downloads is none other than the Madrid Chandelier. It is an oldie, but a goodie that is sure to wow your Sim's friends when they see their new dining room chandelier! It also suits foyers well, and, why not even a bedroom? Or a rather fancy bathroom. In fact, I do not see why this cannot help bring some class to any great restaurant your Sims may dine in.

Object Data:
This chandelier comes in 3 unique colors: Wrought Iron, Bronze, and Silver/Grey. There are also 2 bonus Silver textures which are sourced from the original colors from blake_boy. Beyond colors, this chandelier is Base Game compatible, and I edited the Model data in Sims 4 Studio to allow for no camera fade as the fading made this chandelier hard to appreciate and adore. This chandelier was cloned from the Base Game Ring o Light chandelier.

This chandelier appears in Lights-->Ceiling and costs 535 simoleons. It can be easily found alternatively by searching "blake_boy" in the Sims 4 search box. So, either way works. It's full name in-game is Blake_boy Madrid Chandelier [Icy].

Polygon Count:
I was able to significantly reduce poly count for LOD1 and LOD2, as well as the Shadow LODs.
LOD 0 (High): 3032 poly, 2924 vertices
LOD 1 (Medium): 2274 poly, 2457 vertices
LOD 2 (Low): 1455 poly, 1735 vertices
Shadow LOD 0 (High): 1455 poly, 1735 vertices
Shadow LOD 1 (Medium): 1076 poly, 1444 vertices
Shadow LOD 2 (Low): 839 poly, 1228 vertices

I can imagine that someone might be able to create nice re-colors for this chandelier. If you would like to, please credit blake_boy , and link to this page and his or her original download . I did not create this mesh, and blake_boy has a reasonable policy. As usual, please do not claim this mesh is yours, and do not upload on pay sites, or attempt to profit off the mesh. Blake_boy was kind enough to mesh and texture this object for the Sims 2. So, he or she reserves all rights to his or her creation.

1) blake_boy
2)HugeLunatic who answered my query regarding this conversion.
2) The Sims 4 Studio Team
3) Simpe for Sims 2 by Quaxi and anyone who worked on it
4) BigUglyHag who taught me everything I know about Blender and Sims 4 Studio
5) ModTheSims as the site is a haven for quality downloads and creativity/tutorials for Sims 2, 3, and 4
6) Blender 2.76 for vertex painting and editing location of mesh
7) Orangemittens in specific for the vertex painting tutorial