Anarteq's Truck Trailer Down By the River

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2020 at 4:38 AM
Updated: 9th Jun 2020 at 1:41 PM - Eco Lifestyle update notes

Note: This version will remain up here, but is now considered outdated. Builds elsewhere will use the new door from Eco Lifestyle. But if you would rather still download this one, the one new door with Eco Lifestyle is a much more realistic option for a truck trailer door. Consider using that to replace of the door being used in this download.

Have your Sims ever wanted to live in a van, down by the river??? Now, you can do the next best thing! This repurposed cargo truck trailer may not look as nice or cozy as your great aunt's one trailer home down in Florida; but the 400 sq ft living space inside ensures that you'll be plenty comfortable. And who in their right mind would wanna steal it from you?

PS4 / XBox One players

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PC players

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The setting is a stream between two lakes, somewhere near Gold Bridge, British Columbia. It is early spring in 2019. Amidst some of the chaos of the years past, a truck trailer got trapped in some mud - which later inexplicably hardened. The truck trailer was well-protected on bottom, and not likely to decay. This meant it became a structure that was part of that small mud hill. Part of the landscape. However, no one did much with it - until Isitoq Sundue arrived.

With Affadidah's ravaging having left the civilized western world in Earth-G7's timeline in pieces, Trudeau no longer held any power in British Columbia. The locals there were proud of what Anarteq had done to stick it to Rappaccini back in 2015 in Sault Ste Marie. They wanted nothing more than for Anarteq to return, and fulfill his vows to be the Guardian of the North. To do that, he'd need a good place to live - and hide.

Sadly, after a bar fight and a look into her history in Sault Ste Marie, locals determined that letting Jissika go to live with Izzy right away would be a bit too much liability. They pressured her into a plea deal, to spend two years in a local prison while keeping Izzy's exact whereabouts "unknown."

With her refugee status plan having expired, and SCALLOP pointing out that it wasn't done with her per the Kirby Act - which somehow applied in Canada too - they were able to convince Jissika to turn herself in. In addition to the Kirby Act, she'd been discovered to have trespassed on a lot of property - and been involved in some lewd conduct. She reasoned that she was already the top dog the last time she was locked up. This new batch? Couldn't hurt her. She was right. And better yet: she was finally on Canadian soil again!

With Jissika learning (possibly) how to be more of a role model citizen, Izzy just needed an alias and a good way to lay low. A way to sneak in, stop Ogopogo or Wishpon or Lionfish from their latest evil scheme, then vanish again. Rappaccini never guessed to look in such a backwater town as Gold Bridge for his least-favorite merman!

With some engineering assistance from Paku, Izzy was able to convert the abandoned truck trailer into a livable house. And being so close to the stream, he could go salmon mode and sneak into the nearby lakes virtually undetected! Spending all that time in Hawaii with Kamohoalii, taught Izzy how to be a better Anarteq! And just like his new mentor, Izzy now had an off-the-grid house perfectly suited to serve as his hideout in No Man's Land!

Real life trivia

Gold Bridge has a very small population, never more than 50 at a time, and averaging about 40 locals any given year.

The 400 sq ft. truck trailer used in this upload is based on a Meijer truck trailer - like the kind I unload at work almost every single day.

The general gist of this upload was: "Can I turn where I work into a functional living space?" When you spend so much time on those trucks, you feel like you almost live on one. So why not live on one for real? Well, this is the next best thing.

And why down by the river? Because according to some articles I'm reading, the old joke from SNL from 1993 about "living in a van down by the river" is now becoming a DIY enthusiasts' dream. There are fewer laws against it than against tiny homes. And if you eat and sleep in the same thing you use to drive to work, then all you need to be legal is a PO box. Few if any property taxes, no rent, and seldom a need for utilities.

And it's sure as heck a lot more sanitary and safe than the Tent Cities in California!

However, I still haven't found a good, credible way to make a van that a Sim can live in. So I settled for a 400 sq ft truck trailer. Modeled after a Meijer one. Granted, there are no Meijer stores in British Columbia, but...minor detail.

The wooden floor and white panel interior walls are meant to most closely resemble the inside of an actual Meijer truck - as much as default game content would allow.

Port holes are rectangle privacy windows here, because the double circle port holes in real life aren't an option in Sims 4 (yet).

Upload specs

Patch version:
Value (furnished): $36,070
Value (unfurnished): $10,065
Tiny Home space: 88/100 tiles used (small house)
Lot dimensions: 30x20
Traits: Great Soil, Homey, Peace and Quiet
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
First shared on the Gallery: 2/17/2020
File size: about 148KB

Recommended upgrades

If you have the PC version, the following CC / mods are highly recommended, to make this trailer more realistic, and less reliant on Kamohoalii magic engineering and imagination. Sadly, not available for console (yet.)

Note: With the last one, you can swap out the Homey trait for Off-the-Grid. You will now have a slightly more realistic improvised truck trailer home.

A note about screenshots

I've included many shots de-facto, so you can see actual in-game lighting, alongside some altered versions of those shots that have the shadow and highlight values modified in Photoshop Elements 2019, in order to see details more clearly.

If life inside that truck, even with some modified lights added, appears a bit dark; it's like that in real life too. Without port holes, some of those trucks are black as night toward the front end. Not even the bright lights on a swivel inside the store's receiving room can necessarily make the interior of a trailer look less gloomy. Look at it this way: it's still a lot safer than the equally depressing surroundings of coal mining!

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 36,070
Lot Price (unfurnished): 10,065

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to those YouTubers who found the old SNL sketch for me to rewatch, and also to those writing articles about the van by the river topic, for inspiring me to not only make this upload, but make the situation canon to the Anarteq bio on Dozerfleet Database.