Solar Eyes

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Uploaded 28th Feb 2020 at 4:28 PM · Updated 10th Nov 2020 at 8:05 PM by Serpentia : Added New Colors

The iris has a static glow with texture similar to a sun. The eyes have no pupil. The sclera is sparkling animated-like.

Old, more subtle sparkle effect.

10-11-2020 Update! New enhanced sparkle effect, named: TAngel.SolarEyes.Ali.Vam.Mer.Excessive.rar (Only available for Ali.Vam.Mer. restriction)

They should be fully Geneticized (Except mermaids, but we will get into why in a moment)

Requirements: "Get to Work Expansion Pack" is required for Aliens, "Vampire game pack" for Vampires and/or "Island Living Expansion Pack" for Mermaids.

The nine colors are: Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Gray. 3 variations of Rainbow Color have been added.

The eyes can be found in the "Eyes" section with custom icons.

Note: there are four files, choose only one!
I have included four files, this way you can choose yourself exactly which races can have access to these eyes.
Regarding Updates: Make sure the old file is removed, as the files may have changed in the name, thus not replacing old version

Ali.Mer.Vam: This pack is for those who want the eyes available to Aliens, Mermaids and Vampires Note: The eyes are only available to mermaids in their mermaid form, therefore, mermaid toddlers and children can NOT use these eyes!

Ali.Vam: This pack is for those who want the eyes available to Aliens and Vampires

Alien: This pack is for those who want the eyes available to Aliens only

Available to all ages, except mermaids (Teen-Elder)

10-11-2020 Update!
- Added New File With Improved/Excessive Sparkle Effect, Only available for Ali.Vam.Mer.

03-06-2020 Update!
- Added 3 Variations of Rainbow Color
- Updated images for mod

I hope you enjoy this different take on space-inspired eyes! Feel free to leave feedback, requests or bug reports

Eye Type: Custom Geneticized
Eye Style: Alien Fantasy

Tags: #Eyes, #Sparkle, #Solar, #Sparkly, #Galaxy, #Alien, #Mermaid, #Vampire