Photos Overhaul (Get Rid of Frame, Pin to Corkboard & Polaroid Look)

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2020 at 7:41 PM
Updated: 22nd Mar 2020 at 12:35 AM - update of the files
*** This is my first mod and, not surprisingly, making it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. That means it still needs some polishing, as not everything is working as it is supposed to. I'll be working on fixing those issues in the future***

UPDATE 22.03.2020

While I'm still fighting with issues described below, I finally found time to at least make some changes that were requested in the comments:
  • fixed the missing tags I got rid of before by accident
  • added frameless medium and large photos
  • simplified the files a bit, since I found an easier way of applying some changes
Everything this mod describes applies to small photos. I created this mod with the corkboard functionality in mind and because of that it didn't make sense for me to touch the two other sizes at all. They are therefore unchanged.

You know how sometimes you want to make a collage of your sim's photos on a wall, but the"remove frame" look STILL has a sort-of a frame? Sometimes I want to decorate a teenager's room with photos they took and let's be real - not many teenagers would put every single one of their photos in passepartout and behind glass. I just want it to look like they simply taped it to a wall!

This mod overrides the basic photo files - meaning that it changes the behaviour of the "remove frame" option from the pie menu to actually removing the frame and everything else surrounding the photo itself. As long as this mod is in your mods folder you won't have access to the original look (passepartout and glass).

For some reason changing the meshes messed with the ability to place photos on flat surfaces like tables and shelves. Additionaly, some of the frame swatches dissapeared and the remainig three (black, white and dark brown) switched places in the menu and overrode the missing ones. You can still use them, but keep in mind that those issues exist for now (I intend to try and fix them in the future).

The second change this mod introduces is the ability to pin small photos to the corkboard meant for collecting postcards. Both photos and postcards can now be pinned to it. Photos now copy the behaviour of postcards, so you just need to drag them to the board. I recommend using the bb.moveobjects cheat for more slots, because the photos don't want to snap to all of them otherwise.

Last but not least, you can choose the version of the mod that swaps the standard small portrait (vertical) photo to one that looks like a polaroid. Keep in mind that that would change all small vertical photos to this look so I added that as an optional file if this is something you're interested in.

Download Files

The download folder contains seven files:
  • landscapeSmall.package is responsible for mesh and tuning modifications to small landscape photos
  • landscapeMedium.package, landscapeLarge.package, portraitMedium.package and portraitLarge.package change only the meshes for the corresponding objects
  • portraitSmall.package inside "smallPortrait-chooseOne" folder is the standard version of the small portrait photo (mesh and tuning)
  • portraitSmall_polaroid.package inside "smallPortrait-chooseOne" folder is the version of the portrait photo that's stylized like a polaroid (mesh and tuning)

Files with the "surface" prefix deal with the version of the mesh that is visible when the picture stands on a surface (more is explained above in the "2." section). The other files are responsible for the photos hanging on the walls. I updated the files so that the surface object aren't needed for this.

If you want all the standard features you shoud put all the files from the first three points and ONLY ONE of the last two files in your mods folder (delete the other one!).
You can, however customize the mod a bit. For example you could choose only one of the files and have the other orientation completely unchanged. Or, if you know what you're doing, you could mix the pairs themselves and for example leave only framelessVertical.package and surfacePolaroidVertical.package to have a standard frameless photo on a wall, but a polaroid picture on the corkboard. This was a bit of a side effect before and since you don't need two files for one object anymore it's not going to work. If you are interested in such a feature however, I could probably make it work.

New Meshes Polygon Counts

FileGeometry StateLOD 0LOD 1Shadow LOD 0Shadow LOD 1


landscapeSmall.package modifies tuning file objectSet_Photo_Small_Landscape and object_Photo_LandscapeSmall
portraitSmall.package and portraitSmall_polaroid.package modify tuning files objectSet_Photo_Small_Portrait and object_Photo_PortraitSmall

Any mods modyfying those tuning files will conflict with this mod.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio