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Post-Industrial Series: 11 Steel Street (no CC, 6 apartments)

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Uploaded: 21st Mar 2020 at 1:39 PM
Trust me, you don't want to stay there...
Did you know that 337 Worker Avenue had an evil sibling?

There is no reliable source regarding to when exactly it was built, but it is assumed it is about as old as the "good" sibling (late 19th century). Just like the former, it used to be inhabited by the local white collar workers, mostly the ones working in the factories. However, its inhabitants were generally much poorer. Typically, the lower floor you used to dwell in, the wealthier you are (even though now the inhabitants of the middle floor should be the wealthiest, but the highest floor stayed the same way as it was decades or centuries ago).

It's really not the best idea. Just choose another route. Oh, it's much longer? Still, better go there instead.

The building is located in an area that is rather infamous and it is commonly advised not to go there unless it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes, the place is visited by urban exploration enthusiasts, entirely at their own risk.

I wanted to prank my bullies from school by making them go there during scouts' activities. But the leader found out beforehand and punished me.

Nevertheless, this place is still loved by some history lovers, and does have its charm. Maybe you could also learn to love it?

Wait, where does that new friend live? Steel Street? Oh God...

Each of the apartments is equipped differently. Not all have a fully equipped kitchen or bathroom. Some of them even lack space for an actual bathroom. But there is a public bathroom on every floor, and there is also a public kitchen for whoever that wants to cook there. Each apartment has a fridge.

Hey, at least the living there is affordable!

One of the main drive for some people to move to the area were low prices and rent. The rent in this specific building varies from 343 to 3030. The cheapest ones are on the top floor, and the most expensive one is on the middle floor. Two apartments have a balcony.

Most of the information about the place are rumours, but maybe you will risk moving here?

Lot Size: 2x4
Lot Price (furnished): 322214