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Schmapple Oven with Experimental Food

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Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2020 at 4:23 PM
Updated: 26th Mar 2020 at 9:18 AM
UPDATE 26 Mar: Added a V3 file that contains the original colour swatches for the Schmapple unit.
UPDATE 24 Mar: Sorry for the fast Update but I've uploaded a V2 file that includes Upgrades - both normal and instant (using the Handy trait). It consists of a new (replacement) custom tuning file so it shouldn't conflict with the original in any way. Everything else (swatches etc) are the same.

I wanted to be able to cook experimental food at home, but the two chef stations that came in-game were bulky, unsightly and generally ewwwww.

So, looking at what was needed and by a process of LE report eliminations, I managed to get a working base game cooker acting as a chef station. I've used it in my current game for quite a while and it seems to be working ok.

The experimental option is greyed out because the sim I'm using here hasn't learned any recipes; however, you can use the totally awesome LittleMsSam's mod Cookbooks Cultural, Experimental, Seafood & Jungle if you don't want to spend the time eating out, and also her wonderful More Experimental Food Servings to cook more helpings!

Therefore, for your use, I cloned a Schmapple oven to do the same functions. I've added my own colouring to make 5 swatches.

They can be found in build mode under Objects By Room -> Kitchen -> Stoves, as indicated in the image below. They cost ?15,000 each - a little more expensive I know but...

Tech Info: I changed the tuning ID to that of a custom tuning resource I added to the mod - basically I replicated what was necessary for it to remain a home stove but to enable the cooking of Dine Out's experimental food. There should be no conflicts with anything else as I selectively cloned Maxis' stove.

Additional Credits:
All my wonderful heroes of the modding universe