Force Invite Sims and Parents (including Alien Pollination Technician #3)

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Uploaded: 30th Mar 2020 at 5:55 PM
Updated: 27th Jan 2021 at 8:53 PM


Updated in the year 2021 on January 27 to include shortcut commands fis for force_invite_sim and fipo for force_invite_parents_of
Updated in the year 2020 on April 19 to include the ability to invite a sim's parents.


This mod allows you to force sims to visit at any time! With a separate command, you can also invite their parents!

Ever want a sim to visit you in the middle of the night, during work hours, or during an otherwise inconvenient time? Know a sim you'd like to create drama with but they refuse to come by for a good old fight? Know a sim's name, but do not know the sim themselves so cannot invite them? Found out the name of a sim's spouse and want to quickly invite that sim over, too? Well, now you can force any sim to visit any current lot using their first and last name!

What about those pesky sim parental units? You know, the ones that ruined your sim's life? Or the one silly Alien Pollination Technician #3 that impregnated your sim's father and just left like it was no big deal? You now have the added ability to invite your sim's parents over, too!

Mod features:
  • You may invite any regular sim whether your sim knows them or not
  • You may invite any sim's parents whether or not any of the sims involved have any relationship to your sims
  • Sims and their parents can be invited to any current lot (e.g., gym, another sim's residence)
  • Invited sims can be completely ignored and will still go indoors (unlike the Summon Sim mod, though they may knock on a residential door first to be polite)
  • Invited sims will leave your lot as any other invited sim would (unlike the Summon Sim mod, and barring any odd circumstances)

I created this script because summoning and spawning mods either did not work well (sims would appear and disappear quickly if you did not greet them) or required searching through all sims just to invite one sim! I wanted a way to force an invite quickly.


To force invite a sim, enter the debug console (Ctrl-Shift-C) and type:

force_invite_sim FirstName LastName
fis FirstName LastName

If the sim exists, you will see output in the debug console. If the sim does not exist, the command is ignored.


Most sims can be invited with just their first and last names as you might expect, for example:

force_invite_sim Keith Atkinson

If you want to invite a sim with spaces in their last name, try using quotes, for example:

force_invite_sim Keith "Atkinson III"

If you want to invite a sim without a first or last name, try using empty quotes, for example:

force_invite_sim Keith ""
force_invite_sim "" Atkinson

If you want to invite the parents of a sim, you can use the command:

force_invite_parents_of FirstName LastName
fipo FirstName LastName

For example, to invite the parents of Keith Atkinson over, you would type:

force_invite_parents_of Keith Atkinson

You may use the same rules as above for names with spaces.

Inviting parents potentially invites up to two sims simultaneously. If a sim has two parents, you will receive two messages with the parents' name (if the parent is a special sim like Senior Pollination Technician #3, the text will say "a mystery sim" in place of a regular name). If they are not already on the current lot, the two sims will arrive at around the same time. If a sim has one parent, only that parent will be invited. If a sim has no parents, you will not see any messages.


Additional Credits:
Thanks to andrew at Sims 4 Studio for his scripting tutorial and the authors of unpyc3!
Thanks to slcd for the comments leading me to add parent invitations to the mod!

Many, many thanks to Lynire for the Summon Sim mod, which served as inspiration for this mod!