Heartstone Medical Center

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Uploaded 22nd Apr 2020 at 3:51 PM · Updated 24th Apr 2020 at 3:59 AM by chicagonative : Updating files and pictures!

UPDATED 4/22/20 @ 11:50PM
I have parsed down some of the CC and required packs to make this a bit more accessible to everyone. I was going through it again and noticed I had a lot of decor where I only had one piece from a pack, which seemed silly to have it be "required" for one item. I did my best to really get this thing down! If there's any interest for a totally CC-free version, I'm already working on one! Just let me know if you'd like to see it!

Update your hospital with this gorgeous medical center!

  • state-of-the-art surgical suite
  • exam room
  • full-feature lab
  • diagnostics department
  • in-house pharmacy
  • morgue
  • fully stocked break room
  • private office
  • mens and womens public bathrooms
  • cafeteria
  • outdoor benches and tables

Cheats you should turn on before placing this lot:
  • bb.moveobjects on
  • bb.showhiddenobjects
  • bb.enablefreebuild

Required CC:


by PralineSims
by emerald

by MadHox


by PralineSims

Furniture and Appliances

by Menaceman44

by soloriya
  • Laboratory (NOTE: Please download the full set, as all items are used!)

by severinka

by littledica
  • H&B PRObar
  • H&B PRObrew
  • Modern Kitchen Stuff (NOTE: There are many items in this pack, and they are not separated in the packages. If you do not want the full set, please visit this comment from littledica to download items separately. The items you will need are: littledica.counter.cabinet.package, littledica.counter.modern.island.package, littledica.counter.modern.package, littledica.counter.sink.package, littledica.H&B.dishwasher.package, littledica.H&B.macrowave2.package, and littledica.tabletop.papertowel.package.)


by SIMcredible!

by Angela

  • iPhone X (Deco) and Functional MacBook Pro (NOTE: The download is a combined .rar file with many items. The only things you actually need once you unzip are "MXIMS Apple iPhone X A.package" and "MXIMS Apple MacBook Pro 2016 15.4.package".)

by littledica

by SG5150

by soloriya
  • Little Chemist [NOTE: There are 16 pieces in this set. The only pieces I did not use are the Biomodel and the Molecule. If you do not want these pieces, you will need to remove them once you download and unzip the set.)

You MUST be on the hospital lot to place this, as it is a hidden lot. So you must either be there to have a baby (or with a partner who is having a baby) or you must be in the Doctor career.

Note to downloaders: I have included some CC in the download, but others require you to download them directly from the creator, or from TSR. Please refer to the list of links to CC above for which CC you need to download. The full list of included CC is below. Everything is functional and walkthrough is thoroughly tested to ensure your sim isn't blocked from walking anywhere!


Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): $318,060

Custom Content Included (in zip files under Downloads!):
- Glass Shelves by KittySims4
- Logo Sticker by KittySims4
- Pharmaceuticals by KittySims4
- Ghost Wood Floors by linacherie
- VEAX Stone 2 by Cross Design/PralineSims
- VEAX Stone 4 by Cross Design/PralineSims
- VEOX Glass Roofs by Cross Design/PralineSims
- VEOX Window (Small+Wide) by Cross Design/PralineSims
- VEOX Window (Small) by Cross Design/PralineSims
- Metal Mesh by scrusher