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Final Fantasy VIII: Zell Dincht

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2020 at 6:10 PM
Updated: 29th Apr 2020 at 8:18 AM
Zell, just like the other four main characters in FFVIII, is an orphan who becomes enlisted in SeeD: an organization consisting of combat specialists conducting missions around the world. As opposed to Squall, he has a loud and energetic personality. He uses fists as weapons, and has hotdogs as his favorite food.

Good sense of humor, Good, Daredevil, Athletic, Friendly

Zell is packaged with default skin, along with a few custom content that are not included, unless indicated.
Clothing from some EPs are also used, which are completely optional.

Skin (default): Primer by Kurasoberina (HD+)
Hair: Jan Hair 04
Eyes (default): Helaene's November eyes converted by Brntwaffles
Eyebrows (default): Default eyebrows by Simple Life
Top (everyday): Showtime EP
Top (formal): Modern coat with belt by shokoninio
Pants (formal): Baggy pants by Camkitty
Shoes (formal): Pets EP
Pants (athletic): Into the Future EP
Gloves: Biker gloves by Merkaba
Face Tattoo: by me *included
Has a single recolorable channel
Enabled for both genders, ages teen to elder
Available in all clothing categories, disabled for random
Found in costume makeup

Custom sliders are also used in making Zell, which are listed below.

Head shape, neck sliders by Jonha
Jawline width, brow thickness, brow distance, chin width by bella3lek4
Neck width, brow depth sliders by oneeuromutt
Smooth face normals by Pu+Chi House
Cheekbone depth by oneeuromutt
Septum height, jawline height/rotate/soften by aWT
Chin width by GnatGoSplat
Chin to neck by Wojtek
Iris/pupil sliders by aWT
fixed eye mesh by Buhudain
Brow in/out thick by oneeuromutt
Inner brow level by oneeuromutt
Eyelid height by oneeuromutt
Eyelid length/width by oneeuromutt
Upper/lower eyelid shape by oneeuromutt
Nostril rotate by aWT
Nose depth by Nik Sim
Bridge of nose width by YSstudio

Custom Content by Me:
- Zell Dincht

Additional Credits:
Square Enix, for Final Fantasy VIII and its characters
Final Fantasy font
Military pose pack by kosmokhaos
Pose set by collin2