Clean replacements for the entry level carpool and pizza/Chinese delivery hatchbacks

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2020 at 7:21 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2020 at 11:24 AM by HugeLunatic - fixed category
These are sets of clean default replacements for the grungy, rusty hatchback that's used as the entry-level carpool, and as the delivery vehicle for pizza and Chinese food. There are two sets; one replaces the carpool and the delivery cars, while the other only replaces the delivery cars. They are made so you can use one from each set, so long as you only use one from each set. If you use more than one package from a set, the game will use whichever one loads last, which may not be the one you want. Each set is in its own rar file, and resources are not compressed. The packages should not require any expansion or stuff packs, but I am unable to test them in a BG-only environment, as AGS doesn't play nicely with stuff packs that were installed from compilations.

The available options are light blue, orange, white, a darker blue, and gold. The light blue, orange, and white textures are by Maxis, and are textures for the Smoogo Minima from Nightlife. The darker blue is a recolor I made for this set of default replacements for the Smoogo. The gold texture is from this set by Michelle; it's included because I used it to replace the rusty Smoogo that Maxis included with Nightlife. When Maxis made the hatchback a drivable car, they greatly lowered its reflectivity, and made other changes to the TXMT, so all the replacement packages use TXMTs made for the drivable Smoogo. A replacement carpool/delivery car should look much like its drivable counterpart would, if it were in the same position under the same lighting.

Note: The replacement that joninmobile/TheNinthWave made here uses the higher-reflectivity TXMT for the car's body, so my white replacement is not quite the same as his. Depending on lighting, his replacement may appear whiter and/or shinier than mine does. My clean replacement for the dirty-windshield texture is based on his. I remade it so it would include all the sizes in the original Maxis dirty windshield texture, but I used the color and transparency of his texture to do that. Aside from that, I didn't use anything from his package. I did, however, follow his lead in not compressing resources.

Since the carpool and delivery cars default to using the same textures, the packages which replace the carpool also replace the delivery cars, because they replace the texture and TXMT for the hatchback's body, and the texture for the windshield. For the packages which only replace the delivery cars, I got around this by making a recolor package for the drivable Smoogo, then removing the MMAT. I then added a replacement texture for the windshield and replacement SHPEs for the pizza delivery car and the Chinese food delivery car. The packages work because the replacement SHPEs are set to use the custom TXMT to get the custom texture for the hatchback's body, which is the "vehiclehatchback_main" mesh group . Notes: If you replace the delivery cars, but not the carpool, the carpool will still have clean windows. Also, if University is not present, the game should ignore the replacement SHPE for the Chinese food delivery car. (Ordering Chinese food over the phone requires University.)

So, you can use a delivery-only replacement together with a carpool replacement, either mine or TNW's, as long as you only use one of each, but you don't need them if you want the carpool and the delivery cars to have the same clean colors. If you're using TNW's carpool replacement, and want to change the color of the carpool, you should either remove his replacement or make sure mine loads after it.

Note on screenshots: All screenshots are taken on the Pleasant family lot in Pleasantview, on the first morning of play. The carpool arrives after the school bus, and the screenshots are taken after the bus leaves.

The gold and darker blue (newblue) replacements are larger because they use DXT3 textures, like the original versions of Michelle's gold Smoogo and my darker blue one. The packages which use Maxis textures use DXT1, like the game's textures do. DXT3 textures are larger because they contain an alpha layer, while DXT1 textures do not.

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for the cars themselves, and Michelle, for the gold recolor.

I may not have thought to do this if TheNinthWave hadn't done a version earlier. Also, thanks to Cloud_Strife for prompting me to revisit my defaults for the drivable cars.