Chateau du Landgraab (TS2)

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2020 at 9:23 PM
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My first attempt at building chateaux - I present to you: a close recreation of The Sims 3 World Adventures' Chateau du Landgraab!

If you're not familiar with TS3, here's a quick snippet of what the lot's originally about:
Originally Posted by The Sims Wiki
The Chateau du Landgraab is the primary tomb lot in Champs Les Sims [France]. It used to be inhabited by the famous Admiral Landgraab, and possibly other Sims as well because it has several bedrooms and a nursery. It includes two double-bed bedrooms, a bedroom with two single beds, a baby room, a private study, private library, kitchen, several bathrooms, and many relics and treasure chests. Because Landgraab was a worrywart and obsessed with military code, the place is dotted with traps.

If you're still playing the tomb in TS3 and haven't discovered all the rooms, consider this whole thread along with pictures a spoiler. Duh.

I've tried to follow the original floor plan as close as possible. However, there are several differences between the original and my version:
  • the floorplan of the basement is different. The abandoned wing has been shrunk to fit under the foundation. The Charm basement has been merged conceptually with the wine cellar. (The Charm basement was accessed by stairs hidden by giant boulders in the back yard in The Sims 3, required the Charm keystone, and featured only one room with nectar racks and the nectar machine.)
  • the Groundskeeper's Shack basement is also a bit smaller from the original in order to fit under the foundation
  • no booby traps, floor switches, trigger panels, written notes on the wall or pushable (or fixed) statues in this version
  • sadly, no treasure chests or loot either
  • this version includes landline phones scattered around the chateau
  • to mimick Admiral Landgraab's obsession over military code and security, there's a large number of burglar alarms in the building

This is a residential lot of a capacity well beyond a regular household. It's great for accommodating a big family (especially one extended by mods), or rich Sims that love to show off their wealth. However, you're free to rezone this lot before moving anyone in to any lot type you wish - community to make this a museum or an art gallery, dormitory or my personal favorite - a Greek house on a campus.

Townsfolk say that Admiral Landgraab, along with drinking nectar, also loved to read many books. His favorite book was called Mysteriously Mysterious Mystery Novel. It is rumoured that he actually had several copies of those books stored somewhere among many of the bookcases, but no one managed to find that book to see what's all the hype about.

This lot was built and furnished with no CC. It was built in a game with all EPs and SPs installed (Ultimate Collection), and thus requires all packs to function properly.

It features:
  • a ballroom,
  • a dining room,
  • a wine cellar,
  • a kitchen,
  • two study rooms,
  • 5 double bed bedrooms,
  • a twin bedroom,
  • a nursery,
  • several lounges,
  • mysterious shelving,
  • the Groundskeeper's Shack (studio).

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price (furnished): §554,334

Additional Credits:
EA and Maxis, for creating this very fun multi-adventure lot