Feline Tails

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Uploaded 4th May 2020 at 9:25 PM · Updated 9th Jun 2022 at 12:47 AM by EachUisge

Update 7/2/20: Added seven new colors (a lighter version of the bengal, blue tabby, cream tabby, black self, chocolate self, a blotched/calico-style tortie, and a dilute blue-and-cream tortie) to go with the new skin variants. I also edited the filename so only the rar has the version number, to make updating easier and stay consistent across both my mods. Make sure you remove the old version when you update.


For all your khajiit/tabaxi/catpeople needs. The tails are modeled/textured from scratch by me and color-matched to my feline skins, but they work just as well with default skins as standalone aesthetic enhancement for your butt. Currently the tails work on teens through adults, male and female.

The tails can be found in the glasses section of CAS, because that was the only place I could fit them and still create the textures I wanted. There was a lot of trial and error involved.

Future Plans
EDIT: My original plan was to eventually animate the tails, since I know that was a doable thing in Sims 3, but unfortunately I've learned that the functionality straight up doesn't exist in Sims 4 (and even if that can be changed with a more intensive mod, it's beyond my technical capabilities), so static tails are what we get.

Currently the tails don't work with children or toddlers; that should change at some indefinite point in the future. I'd also like to make some kind of adjustment for heavier sims, because right now, though technically functional, they look a little strange on a maxxed-out butt.

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