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Evie's Equal Genetics - Hair & Eyes (Alien eye colour included!)

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Uploaded: 4th May 2020 at 10:23 PM
This mod changes genetic rules for eyes and hair in your game and it's perfect for the simmers who like to have full control over their new sims born in-game. It allowes recessive eye/hair colours to overcome dominant ones, making it possible to have a babe with green/light blue/grey eyes and blonde/ginger hair even if one of the parents has dark blue/brown eyes. In conclusion: it makes the "dominance and recessiveness" in phenotypes non-existent, all phenotypes have an equal chance to prevail.

It affects only maxis hair/eye colours (works with default replacements of eye colours) and does not affect cc eyes.

It also provides a new variety in your game - you can have a human babe with alien eyes with this mod!

If you like your aliens being unique and don't want alien eyes on normal sims - skip the "aliensIncluded" version!

Remember! - you cannot have both "evie_equal_genetics_eyes.package" and "evie_equal_genetics_eyes_alienIncluded.package" in your Downloads folder at the same time otherwise it won't work properly!
Remember! - you cannot have two kinds of genetics rules at once (related to eye and hair colours), you have to choose one. (e.g. this mod will not work with Nopke's "More Realistic Genetics").

This mod has no requirements other than mentioned above and it is base game compatible.

Additional Credits: SimPE