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New Lifetime Wish - Grilled Cheese!

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Uploaded: 7th May 2020 at 10:05 PM
Updated: 8th May 2020 at 12:38 AM
That's right! At long last, The Sims 2's weirdest obsession has spread to The Sims 3, in the form of a brand new lifetime wish. It's Grilled Cheese!

This TS3 variant was designed to be as close as possible to the TS2 version, down to the exact same description!
As an added nostalgia bonus, The Sims 2's aspiration titles will track your sim's progress towards their goal! Every fifth of the way to completing the wish is a new title corresponding to the aspiration levels from The Sims 2.

To keep things interesting, there are various flavors and difficulties available for you to choose from. The differences are purely for player enjoyment; they all provide the same final reward of 30,000 Lifetime Happiness Points.

There are four different "flavors", which each come with three different difficulty settings.
That means 12 different packages, only one of which should be in your Mod folder at a given time.

First, you will find the "Relaxed" flavor, containing the Lifetime Wish, "Grilled Cheese Enthusiast."
With this flavor, eating any Grilled Cheese Sandwich will increase your progress.
Nice and simple, right?

Moving on, you'll find the "Normal" flavor, corresponding to the "Grilled Cheese!" Lifetime Wish.
With this flavor, any Grilled Cheese Sandwich that is Normal Quality or Better will increase your progress.

Next, there is the "Hard" flavor, with the lifetime wish "Grilled Cheese Obsession."
With this flavor, your sim will need something more than the average fare to be satisfied. Only Grilled Cheese Sandwiches that are Nice Quality or Better will increase your score!
Normal Quality Sandwiches will NOT increase your progress.
Eating any Grilled Cheese of Bad Quality or worse will DECREASE your progress! Your poor sim will need to make up for that bad experience with a better sandwich!

Lastly, because 'Hard' didn't actually seem hard enough to me, there's a final flavor titled "Grilled Cheese Fanatic."
With this flavor, your sim craves the best of sandwiches. Only Very Nice Quality Grilled Cheese Sandwiches or Better will count towards completing the lifetime wish.
Nice Quality Sandwiches will NOT increase your progress.
Normal Quality or lower Sandwiches will DECREASE your progress!

Finally, each of these flavors come with three different difficulties themselves, or rather three different completion goals. The wish can be satisfied after eating 50, 100, or 200 sandwiches. These will be the three packages in whatever you download. Choose one of them to place in your Mod folder.

50 is low, but will still take time and effort to reach.
200 is the same wish as it existed in The Sims 2.
100 is nice and in between.

I would recommend the 100 Sandwich version over the others. With the default lifespan, sims live for at least 90 days and eat about twice a day. If you count the 60 days your sim will be a Young Adult or older, and be able to have the Lifetime wish, you just have to make Grilled Cheese 100 of the 120 or so meals they'll eat over the course of their life to finish the wish.

If you find it more fun to stuff your sim, however, or if you want to play with longer lifespans, 200 is also quite doable.

For the average player looking for a new LTW about as demanding as the rest of them, I think the 'Hard' flavor with the 100 sandwich goal is the best balance.

Q: How do I make Grilled Cheese?
A: Your sim will learn the Grilled Cheese recipe automatically after reaching Level 2 of the Cooking Skill. Then, they can prepare that meal during the 'Lunch' period of the game (11 AM - 5PM).

Q: When I switch households, my progress resets to 0!
A: Yes, this is an issue with how EA designed the game, sadly. The same thing happens, for example, if you're doing the Private Eye LTW from Ambitions. The problem is that the internal count for LTWs isn't preserved after you leave households. EA, perhaps concerned about memory issues, decided to call this a feature. The only solution is this: either never switch households until you complete a LTW of this nature, or turn to our good friends at NRAAS. Click here for more information.

Q: Do I have to select the wish manually? Shouldn't sims with certain traits automatically be offered this wish?
A: To make a long story short, no, sims should not roll this wish upon aging up and the only way to select it is to choose it manually in CAS, or manually when a sim becomes a Young Adult. It will not be offered as one of the five wishes based on a sim's traits, and as a result, it probably won't ever be generated on townie sims either.

Q: What happens if I eat a bad sandwich while I have no progress? Does the count go negative?
A: Yes! If you've eaten 0 sandwiches so far, and are using one of the harder flavors, eating a bad sandwich will make your progress "go negative", e.g."-1/50" and you'll need to eat 51 quality sandwiches to complete the wish.

Q: What will happen if I remove the mod? What if I decide I want to use a different flavor?
A: These lifetime wishes are designed to be removable, but make sure to choose another lifetime wish before removing this mod! Once the mod is removed, the lifetime wish slot of a sim who used to have this wish will appear blank, which is fine. However, you will probably run into issues editing a sim with a broken lifetime wish if you only try to replace the wish after removing the mod! Without using other mods, I was unable to exit CAS after using TCE + "Edit Sim in Create-A-Sim" on a sim whose lifetime wish had become blank because this mod was removed; eventually, I had to close the game via Task Manager. Avoid removing this mod without ensuring that none of your sims still have the lifetime wish active.
Meanwhile, if you try to replace one flavor with one another? When I tested that, the new flavor immediately replaced the old one with no issues. 9/50 needing Normal or Better became 9/50 needing Nice or Better. I still wouldn't recommend switching the flavors in and out unless you feel it's really necessary.

Q: Do you like Grilled Cheese?
A: No. Haven't had it since I was about four or five.

Q: Okay... then why Grilled Cheese?
A: Ask Maxis? I wanted to make a lifetime wish that would be interesting for the community. So I decided to remake one of the more memorable wishes from The Sims 2. But to make things a bit less eccentric, in the future, I'm going to see if I can make a wish using your sim's favorite food instead of Grilled Cheese. It'd be nice if those favorites actually ever did something, right? But until then... it's going to be Grilled Cheese.

Q: Are there any new wishes associated with the LTW?
A: Not yet! But maybe in the future! It would be nice, too, if I was able to prompt the LTW for children and teens. But that will have to wait until I have more experience.

Additional Credits:
velocitygrass, for their absolutely brilliant guide to making new LTWs
Franzilla, for helping me figure out where I went wrong after I got lost trying to follow that guide
SimPE, for everything else