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Household Cleaners That Really Clean!

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Uploaded: 5th May 2020 at 10:23 PM
Updated: 7th May 2020 at 11:27 PM - improved polys

5 original deco objects created by Nemestnaya, from the set "Around a Sink". Originally posted at BPS. That site is gone, but most/all of Nemestnaya's files are posted here:

Plus Crisp and Kerosene's 'Soapy Soap', used by permission:

Despite the advertising, these household cleaning products will not actually clean your house! But they will clean your sim. Each object gives a small boost to hygiene and mood when used. Multiple uses will stack.

Quarter-tile enabled, 6 per OFB shelf. Found in Plumbing/Misc.

Autonomous use by child to elder, no visitors. Animation is included, but kids will levitate as it is an adult animation. (I had to make a choice - floating kids or dirty kids.)

NMS cleaners cost $7 each, the large bottle by C&K is $10. No environment boost - this is Not Art.

GUIDs have not been altered - remove the original files if you have them. Recolours should still work fine.

The Nemestnaya objects are old, and very high-poly for single-tile objects. I have done the best I can to reduce them, with no meshing skills. The Dish Detergent and Spray Detergent can't go any smaller, or the liquid texture is ruined (I reduced the lid textures as much as I dared, they aren't as pretty as they were.) The white Detergent kept losing its label, but I finally found a different trick which got it below 3000 polys, with label intact.

Polygon Counts:
C&K Soapy Soap 898
NMS Cleaner was 3540, now 948
NMS Detergent was 4106, now 2476
NMS Dish Detergent was 3747, now 2742
NMS Soap Bottle was 4854, now 971
NMS Spray Detergent was 4548, now 2819

Credit to Echo (and numerous others) for SimPE tips and tutorials. Kudos to Creesims for getting me interested in learning how to do this. I used her code as a base and modified it along the way. And of course, many thanks to Nemestnaya and to Roxane of Crisp & Kerosene – without their meshing skills, these functional objects would not have been possible.
Belated credit to Moune, Mustluvcatz and Dr Pixel, whose tips from long ago have helped me reduce the polys of the NMS items to something more reasonable.