Designer lounger add-ons: loveseat, chair and footrest

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Uploaded: 11th May 2020 at 9:58 PM
I really like the designer lounger from the base game, and I use it a lot, but it doesnt really match anything else. I thought that a matching chair would be a nice addition, and while I was at it I went on with a loveseat and a footrest (which actually works as a coffee table) to make a patio mini-set.

All three meshes are slaved to Maxis' lounger.
Known issue: the loveseat has some barely visible seams, which I tried to minimize as much as possible for the default textures, but be aware that the seams may show with some custom recolors.

Catalog info:
Designer living chair in comfort/living chairs - 290$
Designer recamiere in comfort/sofas - 470$
Designer footrest in surfaces/coffee tables - 180$

Polygon Counts:
footrest: 578 polys/444 vertices
chair: 1415 polys/991 vertices
loveseat: 1496 polys/1115 vertices

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Wings3D, UV mapper
IgnorantBliss and HugeLunatic for their very helpful tutorials