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[UPDATED 08.02.22] Caigel Garden Sign Collection - All Packs Edition + Extra (only basegame required!)

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Uploaded: 19th May 2020 at 6:19 AM
Updated: 8th Feb 2022 at 12:00 PM - Update to include oversized crops.

8.2.22 - Updated to include the oversized crops from Cottage Living.
25.1.22 - Updated to include the following packs: Cottage Living, Eco Living.


The All Packs Edition includes a decorative garden sign for every single harvestable plant there is in the game (up to date: Real of Magic). The Basegame file is also included so you don't need to download it seperately. The extra signs are signs with symbols of the four different seasons so you can also organize your garden by seasons if you wish to!


Are your sims longing for a neat garden? With these garden signs getting just that is easier than ever!


You can make the signs smaller or larger just like any other item in the game. And if you want to go crazy, with bb.moveobjects on you can place the signs in the most creative spots! You can find the signs at the sculptures category.

The catalogue names of the basegame signs Basegame garden signs for common plants, for uncommon plants and for rare plants. The catalogue names of the EP signs are Realm of Magic garden signs, Get to Work garden signs and so on. The seasonal sign is called Garden signs for plants of different seasons. You can find the signs in buy mode by scrolling through the decorations->sculptures section or simply searching for "garden sign".


1) You DO NOT need all (or any) expansion or game packs for these signs to work! The pack names in the pictures above and on the package files simply tell you which pack adds the plants in question to the game. For example the Realm of Magic Signs are signs with pictures of Valerian Root and Mandrake - plants that you will have in your game only if you have the Realm of Magic installed. However, if you don't own that pack but still for some reason want to download these signs into your game, there is no reason why you couldn't do that.

2) Once you have opened the .zip file, you will see separate files for every pack and one file called Caigel_gardensigns_ALTERNATIVE_mergedfile_AllPacksIn1File_updated250122.package. You can EITHER have the seperate files you want to OR this alternative file which includes everything. Do not take both!

Additional Credits:

I have modified the drawings used on these signs from original work from some very talented artists
who have published their work under a free license. So HUGE thanks to the following artists!

Please do not use the modified drawings I have used in my work without permission. Thank you!

Apple by Freepik [3]
Basil by Macrovector [1]
Bird of Paradise by Photographeeasia [10]
Blackberry by Vectorpocket [5]
Bluebell by Rawpixel [8]
Bonsai Buds by Vectorpocket [5]
Bonsai Bush by Brgfx [4]
Carrot by Macrovector [1]
Cherry by Macrovector [1]
Chrysanthemum by Vectoropenstock [6]
Cow Berry by Maxis [16]
Daisy by Freepik [3]
Death Flower by Maxis [16]
Dragonfruit by Gstudioimagen [9]
Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim by Maxis [16]
Glowfruit by Maxis [16
Grapes by Freepik [3]
Lemon by Macrovector [1]
Lily by Brgfx [4]
Mushroom by Macrovector [1]
Onion by Macrovector [1]
Orchid by Macrovector [1]
Parsley by Macrovector [1]
Pear by Freepik [3]
Plantain by Freepik [3]
Pomegranate by Macrovector [1]
Potato by Macrovector [1]
Rose by Macrovector [1]
Sage by Macrovector [1]
Snapdragon by Irene Laschi, David Davidopoulos [13]
Spinach by Macrovector [1]
Strawberry by Macrovector [1]
Tomato by Macrovector [1]
Trash Fruit by Maxis [16]
Tulip by Brgfx [4]
U.F.O. by Maxis [16]

Chamomile by Macrovector [1]
Elderberry by Maxis [16]
Fireleaf by Maxis [16]
Huckleberry by Maxis [16]
Morel by Macrovector Official [2]
Skull used in the poisonous ones’ signs by Gstudioimagen [9]

Garlic by Vectorpocket [5]
Plasma Fruit by Maxis [16]
Wolfsbane by Maxis [16]
Sixam Mosquito Trap by Maxis [16]
Fang Flower by Maxis [16]
Glow Orb by Maxis [16]
Quill Fruit by Maxis [16]

Catnip by Maxis [16]
Madnip by Maxis [16]
Napnip by Maxis [16]
Nuzzlenip by Maxis [16]

Avocado by Macrovector [1]
Black Bean by Terdpongvector [12]
Emotion Berries by Maxis [16]

Begonia by Anonymous artist #1 [14]
Christmas Rose by Anonymous artist #2 [15]
Crocus by Photographeeasia [10]
Dahlia by Rawpixel [8]
Holly by Vectox [7]
Snowdrop by Rawpixel [8]
Green Bean by Macrovector [1]
Bell Pepper by Vectorpocket [5]
Green Peas by Macrovector [1]
Money Fruit by Maxis [16]

Bizarre Fruit by Maxis [16]

Kava Root by Maxis [16]
Coconut by Freepik [3]
Pineapple by Natalka Dmitrova [11]
Taro Root by Maxis [16]

Mandrake Root by Kimsyy [17]
Valerian Root by Gate74 [18]

Aubergine by Macrovector [1]
Blueberry by Macrovector Official [2]
Chocoberry by Macrovector [1]
Cottage Living (pack icon) by Maxis [16]
Lettuce by Macrovector [1]
Oversized mushroom by Macrovector [1] (slightly recolored by Caigel)
Pumpkin by Brgfx [4]
Raspberry by Macrovector [1]
Regular sized mushrooms by Macrovector [1] (recolored and/or retextured by Caigel)
Watermelon by Macrovector [1]
Soy Bean by Macrovector [1]

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