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QuickVids by MIKYA - Record and Edit Videos Faster

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Uploaded: 25th May 2020 at 10:35 AM
Updated: 20th Apr 2024 at 12:22 AM
UPDATE 4-19-2024:
hello all, thank you for your support. unfortunately, i no longer play TS4, i haven't except for mod testing for almost a year now, and i no longer have time to upkeep mods for a game i don't play anymore.

i love the sims and the simming community, you've all been great. thank you to everyone who's been around for a long time and everyone who's new!

in short these mods are no longer supported and anyone may take the helm.

happy trails, and keep being great.

Have you ever been irritated by just how long it takes for a Sim to make something for their channel? If a famous Sim has a particular perk, getting calls about making videos can incite an "ugh" reaction, simply because it takes so much time out of a Sim's day to complete it within the 24 hours they give you -- and often we'd rather be doing other things with them, anyway. After all, your Sim probably has a career outside of video royalties.

To help ease the burden of video creation for celebrities and civilians alike, QuickVids allows you to record, edit, and add effects at an accelerated rate. Your Sim will have more time to attend to their personal matters instead of worrying about making a video by the due date, and they will be able to make and upload more videos, too. Not only this, but you'll be able to take advantage of more commercial opportunities, since your Sim won't have to clear so much time to do it!

This mod requires the Get Famous EP.

I've made this mod in 3 flavors: Speedy Sim, Super Sim, and Sonic Sim.


Speedy Sim (MIKYA_quickvids speedy.rar) cuts the creation time for videos to 1/2 of the original speed. This is the slowest of the three speeds -- excellent if you want to keep a touch of realism while still getting things done quickly.


Super Sim (MIKYA_quickvids super.rar) cuts the creation time for videos down to 1/4 of the original speed -- a good middle ground for those who care equally about the product and the experience.


Sonic Sim (MIKYA_quickvids sonic.rar) cuts the creation time for videos to 1/8 of the original speed. This speed is best for those who care most about production rather than realism.

Please only have ONE of the QuickVids files in your mods folder at one time. They modify the same resources, so there will be conflicts!

This mod will conflict with any other mod that modifies any of these resources:
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002EF79.si_VideoStation_Editing_EditVideo.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002EF93.si_VideoStation_Editing_AddEffects.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002EFB3.si_VideoStation_Editing_AddTransitions.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002EFC5.si_VideoStation_Editing_CombineVideos.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002F04E.si_VideoStation_RecordVideo_BeautyTips.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002F04F.si_VideoStation_RecordVideo_ProductReview_Toys.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002F05C.si_VideoStation_RecordVideo_ProductReview_Beauty.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002F05D.si_VideoStation_RecordVideo_ProductReview_Gadgets.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002F048.si_VideoStation_RecordVideo_EmotionVlog.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002F048.si_VideoStation_RecordVideo_EmotionVlog.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!0000001B!000000000002F050.si_VideoStation_RecordVideo_FashionTips.InteractionTuning

This mod was built for game patch

Have fun!

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the creators of GIMP and Sims 4 Studio!

The CC pictured belongs to the following creators on The Sims Resource:

Top: belal1997
Pants: Pinkzombiecupcakes
Boots: MJ95
Hair: abc6632298
Skintone: Ms Blue