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Glass and metal recolors for the Seasons bistro set

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Uploaded: 12th Jun 2020 at 3:57 PM
Some more variety for the bistro set that came with Seasons!

Includes 18 tabletop recolors for the "Table de Bistro by Bourgeois Design":

- 2 glass textures in 5 colors each: a textured glass and a matte frosted glass in blue, green, white, gold and grey.

- 8 metal textures with a cutout pattern: 4 matching Maxis' colors for the frame, and 4 matching shastakiss' yeti metal recolors of the frame.

You will also need her CEP-extra for these recolors to be available for the matching chair (shasta_CEP_ssns_bistrotablechair)

Known issue with the metal recolors:

Catalog Info:
Table de Bistro by Bourgeois Design - in surfaces/dining tables - 258
The exquisite Bistro Chair by Bourgeois Creations - in seating/dining chairs - 400

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Gimp, the Compressorizer

shastakiss for the CEP-extra and the yeti metal recolors of the bistro set.
Glass textures based on original images from Stoneline Designs and National Stained Glass
thanks to simmer22 for their advice on transparency