Cleaning Frenzy for All

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2020 at 5:22 AM
Updated: 22nd Jul 2021 at 5:00 PM
This mod contains a script component. The .ts4script file MUST be placed directly in your mods folder or at most 1 folder deep for the mod to work.

UPDATE 2021-2-22: Fixed EA's mistake where the Cleaning Frenzy interaction would show up on when clicking on other sims despite it being a self-interaction.
Significantly increased the autonomy of the cleaning frenzy interaction (if the .package is installed).

Are your sims constantly making messes? Do they leave dirty dishes full of rotten food everywhere? Do you wish they would stop acting so unhygienic?
Well, this mod won't fix that, but what it will do is make it easier for you to maintain a clean home.
This mod adds the neat trait's Cleaning Frenzy interaction to all sims, and makes it always be available.
Now you can keep your home tidy with with one click of your mouse.

The .ts4script file is required. It adds the interaction to sims and makes it always be available.
The .package file is optional. It makes the interaction autonomous when a sim has any of the "bad surroundings" buffs.
Do note that sims with the "Slob" trait do not get any of the "bad surroundings" buffs, so they will not normally perform the interaction on their own. However, slobs do gain an embarrassed buff if they have friends over while the house is a mess. The embarrassed buffs count as "bad surroundings" buffs and will enable autonomy for them.

Compatibility Does not require any packs.