Eduard and Florentina Promokhov

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Custom Content by Me:
- Eduard Promokhov
- Florentina Promokhov
- ws_florentinatop

Custom Sliders Used:

Eduard and Florentina are young adults and therefore require University. Eduard's necklace is from Bon Voyage.

Russian twins Eduard and Florentina are studying in the UK hoping to learn more about its history and culture.

Eduard Promokhov

Custom Content Included:

Eduard's main academic interest is early modern literature, but outside of his studies he has taken his hand to surfing. The nearest coast is a long drive for him back home, so he makes the most of learning to surf on the coast of England. It's one of the reasons why he's thinking of staying.

Florentina Promokhov

Custom Content Included:

Florentina is an undergraduate in a joint degree of history and politics, and is also a pillar of the university?s leading political society. With his contemplation of staying behind, she feels anxious about being away from her twin brother.

They are two of a few Sims that I created and then randomised, using this technique here.

Base Game compatible
Gender: Female
Ages: Adult, Young Adult
Category: Everyday
Type: Top
Recolour of Base Game content

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