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TS2 > TS3 Functional Sewing table [BETA V1.0.8]

by Lyralei Posted 21st Jun 2020 at 3:12 PM - Updated 11th May 2021 at 2:02 PM by Lyralei : HOTFIX for 1.0.8!
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6 months ago, I decided to convert TS2's sewing table to TS3. But, as a decorative item, it just was... not that interesting! I had already done a few basic C# sims related things. Just sounded easy, though oh boy... was this one an intense one to code Especially if you have a brain like mine, once you have a new idea for a feature, it needs to be included. So, 6 months later, we're here with a functional ts2 table with even MORE stuff than ts2's did :D

Create Clothing for your sims!
You can finally, with 1.0.7 & 1.0.8 create your sim's clothing! In order to sew some clothing, make sure to download these as well! SEWABLE SKIRTS AND LONG SLEEVE

Some people seem to get bugs that actually end up happening due to having downloaded a previous version of this table and replacing it with a new one, without getting rid of the Caches. This is super important to remove when you download a new version. (This also counts if you had the ALPHA version before)

If any other issues persists, make sure to delete the old Sewing table and put a newly fresh one onto the world!

EDIT: If anyone experiences any issues with their sewing projects resetting their sims, please see this comment:<br /> <br />
"Failed To Load Sewing Skill" - error:
- It seems that extracting it with WinRAR is giving issues where it does weird stuff to the package, including Screwing the slots, so if you happen to ahve this error and you have little to no mods, try extracting it either with Windows' inbuilt extractor, or 7zip


[Version 1.0.1]23-06-2020:
- Fixed a bug where sims could not use the 'start project' interaction.
- Fixed an issue where using the start project interaction, despite the object existed, it would always return false, thus, the interaction could never be played.
- Tweaked the skill gaining points from 1 to 5 per tick. Skilling will now feel more natural to the game's skilling speed.

[Version 1.0.1] 29-06-2020:
- Now comes with a Brazilian Portuguese support! HUGE thanks to cabrera80!
[Version 1.0.1] 06-07-2020:
- Now comes with German support! Thanks again Simmortality!

[Version 1.0.2] 19-07-2020:
- Fixed an issue where the sewing skill books would disappear from the sim's inventory after reloading the save. This should no longer happen. (Big thanks to GameFreak!)
[Version 1.0.3] 31-07-2020:
- Fixed an issue where, when using interactions that would give you random patterns, you'd only get them after finishing the interaction. Your sim should now get patterns while doing the interaction. 
- Fixed an issue where the game would forget that the sim was in the 'pattern club' after quitting the game, which meant that you needed to re-join every play session. (Thanks to Battery and GameFreak130!)
- Fixed an issue where the game would also forget to give the sim the actual patterns when you joined the pattern club after quitting the game. (Thanks to Battery and GameFreak130!)
- Fixed an issue where the game wouldn't know anymore which sim discovered what patterns they already know, causing duplications after quitting the game. (Thanks to Battery!)
- Optimised the code a little.
- NEW FEATURE: Fail and success rates! Your sim can now fail a project. This is determined on the following maths: 10(Success Chance) + 5(Success Increase Per Level) * skillLevel. Once your sim fails the project, they'll let you know
[Version 1.0.3] 02-08-2020 - HOT FIX: 
- Accidentally forgot to remove a debug print statement from the release version :p Sorry about that! There shouldn't be any dialogues saying "alarm present" anymore
Version 1.0.3 06-08-2020:
- Removed the feature where Practise and Browse for Sewing would give you patterns while doing these interactions during the loop. The reason is due to the fact that on fast speed, this freezes the game entirely and the game only has 2GB to deal with big code (like this table), so sacrifices had to be made. I'll try and fix this somehow, but for now, this is the only way.
Version 1.0.4 20-08-2020:
- Reversed changes again so that the practise interaction doesn't freeze the game.

[Version 1.0.5] 20-09-2020:
- Sewing Skill now comes with various Challenges and Statistics. See image.
- Discovering a pattern will no longer freeze the game AND if you use the 'Browse about sewing' or the 'practise' interaction, it will give you numerous discoveries rather than after you quit the interaction! (as intended in 1.0.3, but awfully failed there :p)
- Browse about Sewing will now help to increase your Sewing skill, it's a tad slower, but it will still happen! (Thanks to the lovely Aurora on youtube for the suggestion!:
- You can now blog about sewing! Because social networking skill is pretty boring usually, I do hope that this will make it more fun! You can either blog on your Phone (This is however NOT under 'Social networking', but just another interaction on your phone.) You can also blog through your computer and it will also show up on your Blog app! This feature comes with 10 unique new posts!
- You can now Talk about Sewing! Make sure your sim is at least at skill level 2.
- Small bug fixes!
- Added more dutch translations. Thanks to Lessien Vardamir!
- Should now have Nraas traveller's support for phones and computer interactions when there aren't any computers/phones in the world. 
[Version 1.0.6] 30-09-2020:
- Fixed a bug where some people still had issues with Nraas traveller refusing to load in the phone interactions. This is now fixed and has been tested!
- Fixed a bug where (which really is what I get for moving lines of code around) a dialogue would pop up that states that it couldn't load in the sewing table settings. There might be a rare moment that this can still happen, but rest assured, it just means that the settings already exists and the table will function as expected
[Version 1.0.7] 14-04-2021:
- Added a feature where your sims can now create clothing!
- Fixed an issue where a popup would show on world load where it would basically complain that the dictionary was already populated and therefore throwing that error popup.
- Fixed an issue where the sewing table disappeared on low-texture details!
- Fixed an issue where the sewing table had 2 slots for the chair to be put on, but only one was the valid one. It now has only one slot for the chair
- Added the sewing table to the Lessons tab! You can now read up on information in-game the images make no sense yet though :p

[Version 1.0.8] 26-04-2021:
First off, HUGE THANKS to @Annie280 and @rumbutter for sharing these issues! I personally didn't notice half of these in my gameplay sessions, but Have a virtual cookie! I really appreciate it!!
- Removed that debug interaction called 'Thumbnail Camera...'
- Fixed an issue where when you're using 'start a project' or 'practise' and quit halfway, the table thinks someone is still using it. This won't happen anymore!
- Fixed a bug where you could get free fabric when using the Sewing table > Restock function (Sorry! You now have to pay again :p)
- Fixed an issue where whenever you reach level 10, the Skill journal no longer opened (This was half EA's sloppy programming though, so took a while to track it down!)
- Fixed an issue where every time you'd switch worlds in one gameplay session a popup would show up that said 'There was a problem, couldn't get the sewables settings'.
- Fixed an issue where particular data that is necessary for world switching would be re-parsed for no reason. Finally added GameFreaks130's Ferry method! (Which works like a charm! It can however sometimes give a travellers error though, but you can safely ignore that. But personally, I worked out all issues I could trace)
- Fixed an issue where the clothing patterns were selectable as an 'object' sewable (think, the interaction you can make rugs, teddybears, etc), which would cause all sorts of errors and issues.
- Added a check that checks if your sim has any patterns that are clothing BEFORE showing the interaction in the pie menu for the sewing machine, rather than showing a notification that says "The dialog didn't show because there were no clothing patterns!", which people thought was confusing
- Fixed an issue where if your sims can't pay for the 200 simoleans for the pattern club, they would get charged it instead on their bills. Just seemed unfair :p
- Possibly fixed the issue that made it so when you're subscribed to the pattern club, you weren't getting patterns every Thursday. This should now be fixed but I want to extra investigate this in my gameplay saves. For now, I'd suggest canceling the joining and then re-join.
- Rewrote quite a bit of the code, so this could potentially mean either older bugs are fixed, or new ones pop up!
- Removed the feature where you'd get 3 patterns per buying a new sewing table. This feature caused some issues with duplicated patterns. But, no worries! I thought about this :p
- Added a feature where you can buy clothing patterns on the interwebs (on the computer :p). If this is a preferred method, I'll also include it for objects!
- Added a social interaction so that you can instead of gifting the clothing, also sell it! (Which is less dependant on relationship levels)

 [Version 1.0.8] 28-04-2021 - HOTFIX:
- Removed some of the debug print statements I accidentally left in. Sorry! Currently, you shouldn't be seeing any stop sign messages with numbers
- Fixed a bug where the pattern material the sim uses to sew (So the plane thingy) would stay on the sewing table after quitting the practise interaction (same actually happened with the start project and sew clothing interaction, but because there was a big cloth on top of it, you didn't see it )
- Fixed a crucial issue where one sim could sign up for the pattern club but the entire neighbourhood would get the pattern.
- Fixed a crucial issue where sims weren't able to join/leave the pattern club. You might need to reset your sim, then re-join  
- Fixed an issue where if you DID actually join the pattern club, you didn't get your patterns. This won't ever happen again! You'll be getting your patterns every Thursday now!
- Possibly fixed the issue where duplicated patterns will no longer be an issue
- Fixed an issue where if you used the DEBUG_DiscoverAllPatterns interaction, those patterns wouldn't count towards your sim's 'discovered patterns' count.
- Fixed an issue where for your sims to say if a clothing item was too expensive, they had to have less than 1000 simoleans in their family funds in order for them to say this. Currently, sims will say this either way.

The Sewing table: 

This is TS2's sewing table. But converted and made functional in TS3 It has full chair support which you can choose yourself, so your simmies can sit comfortably!
First, you start out with 50 pieces of Denim, Leather, Cotton, Knitted, Synthetic and Satin. You also get 3 randomly chosen, easy patterns. - As of 1.0.8 you no longer get 3 random patterns.

The sewing table has a few interactions. 'Start project/continue project', 'Practise sewing', 'Open inventory', 'Restock fabric', 'DEBUG_DiscoverAllPAtterns'.

Start project/continue project
This interaction will appear once your sim reached level 1 of sewing.
When this interaction is fired, the sim will walk to the sewing table. After that, a modal will show up. If your sim OR the sewing table's inventory has any patterns, the modal will show the projects to make.
You can only choose one (duh :p), and once you confirm your choice, the fabric pieces will be taken from the sewing table and your sim is ready to sew it!
Continue obviously means continue the project if you ever canceled it

Practise sewing
Not really into the continuously sewing objects? Well, then this one is for you! Your sim will infinitely sew (Unless they're dying or the game cancelled it... or you :p). You also got a 30% chance to discover a new pattern!
NPCs/townies will also do this autonomically if there's a sewing table nearby.

[13-04-2021] Start Clothing Project
This option will be available when you have some clothing patterns AND your sim's sewing skill is level 6 at least! You need to make sure to download my sewables download in order to not see an empty dialogue. Here's the link:

Note for creators:
Are you a creator and want to make your Clothing "sew-able"? You actually can!  Check it out here:

Open inventory
Obviously makes sense. But, it's not a fridge! So you can't store rubber duckies or soap in there, like you can with a fridge. Only fabric pieces and patterns can be stored inside the sewing table's inventory.

Restock fabric
In need of some fabric? Cool! It works basically the same as the scrap workbench would. So you got an option of:

- 5 for 250
- 100 for 5000
- 10 for 500.

Keep in mind that this restocks i.e 5 of each fabric type piece! (So, 5 of leather, 5 of denim, 5 of cotton, etc) I might, later on, make this dependent on fabric pieces, so it's not all of them

If you have NRaas debug enabled installed, you can also get this interaction Just click on the sewing machine > Nraas > DEBUG_DiscoverAllPAtterns. From there you'll unlock all of the patterns. But be aware! if your sim is level 1, a good 1/4 of them will show in the dialogue, since your sim doesn't know yet how to make more difficult patterns.

As a creator this is a great interaction to see if your content is included!

What else is included?



Patterns are the 'guideline' for a sim to sew an object. There are 4 different levels:

Level 0 To 2: Easy sewable projects
Level 3 to 5: Medium sewable projects
Level 6 to 8: Hard sewable projects
Level 9 to 10: Super hard sewable projects
(Special - being a supernatural sim) Level 9 to 10: Super hard sewable that require a bit of magic - your sim needs to be either a Witch, Fairy, Genie or an imaginary friend in order to unlock these.

You'll always get 3 easy sewables that your sim can practise on. However, to get more you also need to find them! Now I promise you it's not like an easter hunt I've also added a check that, once your sim is finding their own patterns, you will never get a duplicated one.

Note: The check doesn't actually keep in mind which random 3 patterns it got when placing it on the sewing table. This is entirely done on sim-level, whereas when placing the sewing table in the world is not. So you might end up with 3 duplicated ones.
Patterns can be stored in a sim's inventory or the Sewing table.

Note for creators:
Are you a creator and want to make your download "sew-able"? You actually can! It's super easy to do:

There are 2 interactions. They're also both ways to get more patterns for your sim!

Join the Pattern club:
From the start, you should be able to join the pattern club! The pattern club will provide you patterns on every Thursday. And you only need to pay a lifetime fee of 200! It's strongly inspired by the book club. Every Thursday, you'll get random patterns in the mail.
If you ever feel like leaving the club, then that's also possible! Just go to the computer again and leave the pattern club.

Browse for Patterns:
Unless your sim has the trait 'Anti TV', your sim will check the internet about sewing. After stopping this interaction, During the interaction, there's a 30% chance to find a pattern. And if you do, the sim will notify you as well as the pattern appearing in your sim's inventory

[20-09-2020]  Blog about sewing:
Your sims can now blog about sewing! It does require you to have at least a minimum level of 3 for both social networking and sewing. You also need to make sure that you've already created a blog . After using this interaction, you'll see one of the 10 unique new posts that your sim can create on the blog app. This interaction will both slightly increase your sewing and social networking skills.

[26-04-2021] Buy Clothing Patterns:
You can now buy Clothing patterns on the computer! They cost 200 per pattern and eventually end up in your sim's inventory. They'll let you know what they bought though, as this is super random! If It's more prefered to choose it from a dialogue, let me know!


Blog about sewing:
Same as the computer interaction. Excepts, this is of course on a phone!  the interaction itself, however, isn't found under 'social networking' but as a regular phone interaction. For this, you also need a blog app and a minimum skill level of 3 for both social networking and sewing. This interaction will both slightly increase your sewing and social networking skills.


[20-09-2020] Talk about Sewing
An easy, but lovely interaction! your sim can finally talk about their hobbies with their friends, families, acquaintances, etc. Your sim needs a minimum skill level of 2 to do this. It will also slightly increase their sewing skill level. Sims with the Charisma skill will also benefit from this . The interaction can be found under 'friendly...'

[13-04-2021]Give Clothing as Gift
That's right! If you made your clothing item, you can gift it to any Teen through Elder! Do make sure though that you need to at least be a friend in order for the sim to accept the gift! If they accept, they'll let you know that they'll wear it soon! (I do notice that this isn't always 100% happening. Sometimes there are a few days between it, I guess sims are just forget full ) But if you've played animal crossing, then basically that feature of gifting clothing and then the NPC wearing it later, is basically what this is! Do make sure that the item you gave them meets their age/gender requirements though!

[13-04-2021]Sell hand-made clothing
Same as Give Clothing as Gift, but without the requirement of needing to be a friend or family member! Right before your sim is selling the item, you'll see a dialogue that will ask how much you'd want to sell it for. In this case, a snob or a diva might not like the cost you're proposing for them if it's too low. If it's too high, other sims will also let you know So keep it at least under a 1000 simoleans!

Make sure though, that to fully use this feature, you'll need some sewing table compatible clothing! See:

If anyone would love to have a 'Sell clothing' option, then I can always include this too! As it's basically restricted currently as just friends and up.

The table also comes with a skill! There are obviously 10 levels. All patterns are linked to a particular sim skill, so check out the pattern section if you want to understand how that works

Now, you can gain more skill points in various ways:

- Using the sewing table
- Buying the Sewing books in the store.

When buying the sewing books, you'll get treated with not just a skill, but after each time you've levelled up after reading one of those books, you'll unlock a pattern! This will also appear in your inventory.

The sewing table can be found under: Office > Hobbies and skills. Just for 1.250
The pattern is obviously obtainable, and can't be bought through the catalogue. Same for the book.
It comes with 3 channels. It also comes with 4 variations to choose from

Technical issues

Stuff you guys mention and I'll fix
- The table turns invisible on the lowest texture setting.
- Teen animation needs some tweaking (hands are currently going through the table)

I'll work in themes. Since that's easier to implement things with

- V1.1.0 Will be focused on the Skilling aspect. (Any ideas are welcome!!) Already done!
- V1.0.7 Will be only focused on making custom Clothing. (Finished as of [13-04-2021])
- V1.0.8 Will be focused on the 'selling' part of the mod.
- V1.2.0 Will be only focused on magical features.

Information for Creators

Creators can include their own custom craftable sewing projects. Now, making them 'sewable compatible' doesn't mean you need this mod. All that this script does is read values, so the game really doesn't care if there's an extra XML file, it just ignores it if the table isn't installed.


There's also a creator debugger. This is also explained in the tutorial, but if you ever have a resource key included that's weird or empty, then it will let you know same if the fabric isn't correctly written down. etc.

If you need any support or help, or even have me prepare your object for you, just let me know in a PM or comments!

Information for Script modders

Additional 'Sewables':
Things created by me or other creators. Clothing or objects (or sewing machines!) alike:

Sewing table:


Fabric pieces:

Additional Credits:
Massive thanks to: rosy-daylight, Zoe22, michela1390, LucyBorgia, desiree-uk and Victor_tor for testing the ALPHA version of this!

More massive thanks to: Zoe22, Battery, Gamefreak130, KittyTheSnowcat, PuddingFace and especially Tashiketh for helping me out on the super coding logistical issues I had! If I could give you guys some bonbons or chocolates, I'd have done it right away!

And of course, all people on tumblr who have supported this project with their enthusiasm!

If I could give you all a hug, I'd totally do so!

Skill icon:

Programs used:
- S3PE - S3OC - Blender
- Visual Studio 2019
- Sharp Develop
- TS3 :p
- Milkshape 3D
- STBLize
- xNormal
- TextureTweaker

Download files

Filename Size Downloads Date | HOTFIX 28-04-2021: New feature Clothing update AND A lot of bug fixes! DOWNLOAD THIS ONE!

Size: 7.34 MB · Downloads: 444 · 28th Apr 2021
7.34 MB 444 28th Apr 2021 | UPDATE 13-04-2021: New feature Clothing update!

Size: 7.34 MB · Downloads: 401 · 13th Apr 2021
7.34 MB 401 13th Apr 2021

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