Replacements for the "town car" carpool

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Uploaded 25th Jun 2020 at 7:54 PM · Updated 18th Aug 2020 at 6:48 PM by dharden

These are default replacements for the town car which is used as a mid- and/or upper-level carpool in some careers. The replacement textures are based on a set of recolors that Skyline-X made for Willem81's drivable version of the town car. The white, black, and blue textures are orignally from Skyline-X's set, the red and green ones are my recolors based on Skyline-X's blue texture. This replacement should not require any expansion or stuff packs, and resources are not compressed.

In addition to replacement textures, this default replacement includes a mesh overrride by vegan_kaktus. You can see the effects of this mesh override by looking at the composite screenshot of the original Maxis carpool, which shows the vehicle both with (bottom) and without (top) the override.
Note that in the top image, parts of the doors near the door handles and the narrow black stripe look somewhat metallic, while on the bottom image, those parts are gray. In addition, all the screenshots of the replacement carpools are made with the mesh override installed. I don't understand all the details of what vegan_kaktus did to fix the mesh and make the metallic bits on the doors Go Away, but I'm glad she was able to do it. (Tips Invisible Hat.)

There are two sets, and each set in in its own rar file. Each set includes five replacement textures and a copy of vegan_kaktus's mesh override. In set 1), the cars are a single color, except for the narrow black stripe that all the cars have - even though it doesn't show on the black ones. (That stripe maps to a part of the texture that also colors the steering wheel, steering column and the visible underbody, so I left it alone. It also colors the door handles, which is why the black cars don't have visible handles.) In set 2), four of the five cars have the wide black stripe, black bumpers, and black landau top from the original Maxis texture. The black car in that set uses the wide white stripe, white bumpers, and white landau top from Skyline-X's white texture. In addition. I replaced the license plates Skyline-X used with the one from the original Maxis texture, and replaced the wide whitewall tires the black texture used with the wheel texturing from the original Maxis texture. Remember, you can only use one texture replacement for this carpool. If you use more than one, the game will use whichever one loads last, which may not be the one you want.

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for the mesh, and bits of the replacement textures
simmer22 and vegan_kaktus for being willing to figure out the mapping, and vegan_kaktus for fixing the metallic-looking bits on the doors
Skyline-X, for the main part of the replacement textures