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9 Cat Ear Accessory Recolors

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2020 at 11:14 AM
Updated: 2nd Jul 2020 at 2:44 PM
Hello everyone, hope your day is going peachy! Today I bring you 9 different colored cat ears using strawberrikhunnie's 4t2 conversion mesh of 'Pretty Kitty.'
I made these accessories years ago but apparently got lazy and never did anything with them. Ironically, my sims wear them all the time so I figured it might finally be the time to stop being lazy and share them with the world!

Mesh: The mesh was converted by strawberrikhunnie but was originally created by theblue142 for Sims 4. The MESH IS INCLUDED for convenience and strawberrikhunnie's policy does not prohibit it.

Details: You can find the cat ears under the Accessories/Glasses tab whenever you change up your sim's hairdo. They are Teen-Elder friendly. Theblue142 originally made the mesh for both M/FM but these are only female-friendly.

I chose a bald model to show the cat ears because they clip profusely with hairstyles, but this makes them look more natural in-game. (Just not so good for me trying to show the whole cat ear accessory!) I've made 9 colors: dark green, lime green, brown, blue, pink, teal, red, purple, and pink/yellow. All are clearly labeled so if you don't want a particular flavor you're free to pick and choose.

Additional Credits:
Technical: A BIG thanks to the Sims 2 Body Shop, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, FRAPS (Screenshots), Theblue142 for the original mesh, and strawberrikhunnie for converting it to the Sims 2, and Mod the Sims for the awesome Sims community.

I could not have done this without all their hard work before me!