Automatic Potty Training Skill If Older Than Toddler

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Uploaded: 30th Jun 2020 at 12:48 PM
Updated: 18th Oct 2020 at 6:14 PM
This is a supporting mod to go with TheSweetToddler's excellent Biggest Little Mod for Toddlers (available here ), which among other features allows toddlers to use real toilets, with their own animation. TheSweetToddler provides instructions to very easily edit that mod so only sims who are potty trained can use the toilet, making toddlers less helpless without also making raising them too easy. However, doing that means older sims who weren't potty trained as toddlers can't use toilets either, and they have no way to learn how.

That can be fixed manually using NRaas MasterController; but to those who can't or would rather not do that, this add-on is for you!

What it does is automatically grant the potty training skill to sims who don't have it, in 3 conditions:
  • For every child-or-older sim already existing when a world is loaded
  • For every child-or-older sim created in-game (CAS, story progression, etc.)
  • For every sim who age transitions to childhood in-game

To use it, first download the version of TheSweetToddler's mod that unlocks the "use toilet" interaction for toddlers, and follow her instructions to edit it so that the "use toilet" interaction requires the potty training skill (otherwise this mod is pointless). Then install this mod as well, and child-or-older sims as well as potty-trained toddlers should all be able to use the toilet, while non-potty-trained toddlers will not. And that's it!

This mod was created on patch 1.69, and hasn't been tested on lower patches.

Additional Credits:
Buzzler and Odistant for their scripting mod tutorials here on this site;
The many people in the MTS forums whose posts I've read to learn script modding;
The creators of S3PE;
And most of all, TheSweetToddler for the Biggest Little Mod for Toddlers and her permission to share this as a support for it!