Sleep Naked Mod 1.7.0

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Uploaded 11th Jul 2020 at 7:48 PM · Updated 14th Nov 2020 at 10:34 AM by AlainBardelas

Sleep Naked Mod

Update 1.2.0 Changes:
Update 1.2.1 Changes:
Update 1.3.0 (URGENT) Changes:
Update 1.3.1 Changes:
Update 1.4.0 Changes:
Update 1.5.0 Changes:
Update 1.6.0 Changes:
Update 1.6.1 Changes:
Update 1.7.0 Changes:

Hello. This is my first mod, and I hope you all enjoy it. This mod allows our sims to sleep naked, and it gets better, our sims have a new buff/moodlet when they sleep naked, and they also unlock new social interactions.

This is a full script mod so it shouldn't be in conflict with any other mod.

Fist than all our sims need to sleep naked to enjoy all the benefits of this mod. For that, we need to choose a new interaction available in all the beds and coffins of the game: "Sleep Naked". When we do this, our sims will take their clothes off, and will sleep naked. After that they will enjoy all the following benefits.

1. Sims can sleep naked now:

2. They get a new buff/moodlet if they sleep naked for at least 1 sim hour:

3. If sims slept naked, they can unlock new social interactions:

- Recommend Sleeping Naked

- Talk about the benefits of sleeping naked

- Ask if slept naked

This last one has three different answers. If the sim slept naked, then it will say the next thing:

If the sim didn't, it will say this:

But what happens if your sims ask a servo? The servo will answer:

4. If sims sleep naked, they will recover their energy twice as fast:

5. One more thing. This interaction is not only available for regular beds. You can use it in coffins or murphy beds as well.

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Additional Credits:
- Sims 4 Studio
- PyCharm

Thank you

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