Teen Career: Local Lawn Care Worker

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Uploaded 10th Jul 2020 at 10:28 AM

Hello fellow Simmers, today I give you something that I have never done before! A Career! But not just any career, a 3-level teen specific career entitled 'Local Lawn Care' for all the young sims seeking some easy outside work. Job titles include Yard Maintenance Worker, Lawn-mowing Field Representative, and Assistant Mowing Manager.

Where I live, working in your neighbor's yard or mowing a couple neighbors' yards is common work for teens. My fiance even started his own little business back in the day. Because of that I decided that I wanted some kind of job for teens in Sims that I see so often in person.

All levels have a fun chance card by me. (I have a lot of respect for those who regularly make careers after working on these!)

Extra Details: This is made for teens but like any Teen career, Elders can apply too. If your teen does not go to college they will remain in the career level they are in (unless they get promoted) but will not move on past level three. This is not linked to an adult career. Should be EP-compatible.

Seriously Recommended: MogHughson's Job Seeking Noticeboard found here

Additional Credits:
-I used lauratje86's teen Falconry career as a template as allowed by the user on this thread
-Lawnmower icon was created using a Photoshop sticker I have had for ages from unknown origin
-SuperFly's tutorial on Guids and Group ID changing here
-Emma_Barrett's tutorial on creating custom careers for beginners here
-Psion's tutorial on creating custom careers here

-Adobe Photoshop Elements 13
-FRAPS (Screenshots)