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Better Ladders - Carry items & Climb faster

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2020 at 1:54 PM
Updated: 16th Mar 2023 at 8:21 PM - patch 1.96.365
Updated for patch 1.96.365 (March 14th, 2023)

This tuning mod allows Sims to use ladders while carrying small items (books, dishes, trash bags, laundry, etc.).
It also makes Sims climb roughly 50% faster. This value is a good compromise between speeding up the action and maintaining a realistic animation.
With AlwaysSlideDown version: in addition to climbing faster and carrying items, Sims will now always slide down ladders instead of climbing down. Wheee!

Use either one version or the other. Not both!

16 March 2023
  • Updated for patch 1.96.365 and the Growing Together expansion pack.
  • AlwaysSlideDown version: infants are little creatures who should be handled with care. Sims won't be able to slide down ladders when carrying an infant on their back, and will carefully climb down instead.
13 September 2020
  • Split the mod into 2 versions: one makes Sims always slide down ladder, the other won't. Use only one of them.
17 July 2020
  • Sims will now always slide down ladders instead of climbing down. ~ Thanks SailorEffinMoon for the suggestion

- Pool ladders and ocean ladders (Island Living) aren't affected.
- Sims cannot use ladders while carrying toddlers, cats and dogs. This could be a future addition if I manage to fix the animation for them.
- AlwaysSlideDown: sims will still climb down normally when they are carrying an infant on their back (Growing Together).
- AlwaysSlideDown: children and sims with the childish trait usually get a +1 Happy "Wheeee!" moodlet when sliding down ladders. They won't get this moodlet when they autonomously slide down, only when you tell them them to slide down directly (click on a ladder > "Slide Down").

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