Federation-style Australian house (updated)

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This Federation-style house is typical of the area where I live in Australia. They were built at the turn of the century so have Edwardian features.
It has four bedrooms (or three bedrooms and a study) and three bathrooms. It comes unfurnished so that you can furnish with your own cc. While the pictures include items of furniture to illustrate a room's purpose, they are not included. Only kitchen and bathroom fittings are supplied.
There are two versions: one version of the lot has only been sparsely landscaped to keep the cost down and there is room for a driveway.
If you'd like more landscaping, download the landscaped version. (See additional pictures.) Again, it's not as much as I would normally do, but without cc plants it's a bit constrained.
The only cc included is the Victorian porch set of columns, decorative trim and fence. The house is also pictured with roof trim default which you can get here

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (fixtures): 65,059
Lot Price (fixtures and landscaped): 74,147

Custom Content Included:
- Victorian porch set by mustluvcatz