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Recolors of FifthAce2007's Excell Bay Windows (Maxis matching)

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2020 at 6:02 PM
Updated: 8th Jan 2022 at 6:57 PM
Hello there, for my first upload, I bring you 8 recolors for FifthAce2007's "Excell Exteriors Bay Window System".

It's so sad that this amazing set barely has any recolor. It makes it not very usable, since you won't always use the simple brick covering to match these windows. So I made these 8. Hopefully someone will find them useful!
They were honestly more difficult than I expected, basically because of my newbie image editing skills, and that it wasn't just copy-pasting the wall textures. Those shadows killed me.

I extracted 8 different wall coverings (4 stone and 4 brick) from the game. I hope you like my choices. I didn't change the roof part. I hope you don't mind using always the default roof...
3 of the recolors have white wood instead of the original brown. Sadly, the wood and wall are stuck together since the mesh only has one subset.

First you will (obviously) need the meshes by FifthAce2007. First part of the set is here and the second part here.
Then just download my files and place them in your Downloads folder (or a subfolder inside it). Placing them together with the mesh files works.
Each recolor is in a different file, so check the image above and decide which ones you want to have.

Game requirements:
I'm pretty sure the original set works with base game and any EP/SP? So these recolors will too. I probably used walls that don't come with base game, technically the recolors will show up, but they won't be really useful if you don't have the corresponding wall covering, I guess.

That's all, I think! This is my first upload for TS2, I hope it's good enough. I could add other wall recolors if someone requested, but I'm afraid I don't know how to get the roof textures or make new wood colors.

Edit: CatherineTCJD shared 2 recolors from old house uploads, one with latte stucco wall and brown wood, and the second one with a stone wall (the same as my Gray Stone) but white wood instead. Check them in the comments!

FifthAce2007 for the amazing set and the original textures.
maxon for a recolor, from which I used the white wood texture (The recolor is included in this house).
Maxis for the wall textures and The Sims 2 HomeCrafter Plus.
To every person that contributed to SimPE.
To the creator of The Compressorizer.
Numenor's tuturial for making recolors.