Walk In Style! In-game walk style chooser

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2020 at 11:42 PM
Updated: 11th Aug 2021 at 11:17 AM - Mod update
STILL WORKS AS OF PATCH (July 2021 Update)

- 1.0: Initial release of the mod.
- 1.1: You can now change non-active sim's walk style.
- 1.2: Changed the walk style to have higher priority. Now, occult sims like ghost and grim reaper can have their walk style replaced with this mod.
- 1.3: The mod doesn't depend on XML Injector anymore since it has its own script mod now. Added French translation by PetiteCeriseSims, Brazilian Portuguese translation by -SANTi-, Spanish translation by Rocco182, and Chinese translation by mumulinovo

Are you looking for a different walk style for your sim that you normally can't use before? Are you a videomaker or storyteller wanting your sim to use specific walk styles that you can't access normally? Or do you want your sim to just run everywhere they go, thereby increasing time efficiency? If those are the case, then this mod is for you!

This mod adds in a new interaction for your sim called "Change Walk Style". With this, you can have your sim use almost all types of walk styles available in the game. They consist of not only normal walk styles that you usually pick from Create-A-Sim (peppy, tough, swagger, etc.), but also emotional (angry walk, sad walk), situational (celebrity walk, panic run, "has to pee" walk), and special walk styles (vampire sneak, ghost float, servo walk). This interaction is available for all ages except for toddlers (for now).
Once your sim's walkstyle is set, it'll stay permanently until you reset it even if you exit the lot or the game. To reset your current walk style back to your sim's original walkstyle, use the "Reset Walk Style" interaction.

Some walk styles require you to have certain packs. If you do not have the pack but use it anyway, nothing will happen. There are tool tips on walk styles that need certain packs so you'll be informed in-game.
Besides adults, children also have this interaction, but they don't have as many walk style options as adults.

- You can now change non-active sims walk style. Want your neighbor to walk like a moody teenager forever? Go ahead!
- Occult with changed walk style such as ghost and grim reaper will now have their walk style replaced if you use this mod on them.
- This mod doesn't depend on XML Injector mod anymore so you can use the mod without it.

- The walk style won't initiate if the sim travels less than 8 tiles.

LIST OF AVAILABLE WALK STYLES (as of 1st of August 2020)
    - Walk (Slow, normal, fast)
    - Jog
    - Run (normal, slow)
    - Emotional walks (angry, confident, sad, energetic, focused, happy, playful)
    - Create-A-Sim walks (feminine, goofy, perky, creepy, tough, swagger, snooty)
    - Panic run
    - Pregnant walk
    - Has to pee walk
    - Wade
    - Sleepy walk
    - Grim Reaper float
    - Ghost walks styles (regular, fast, happy, sad, angry)
    - Sick patient walk
  • VAMPIRES: Vampire sneak
  • PARENTHOOD: Moody teen walk
  • VINTAGE GLAMOUR: Butler walk
  • SEASONS: Blizzard walk, blizzard run, scarecrow walk, skate (without skating shoes)
  • GET FAMOUS: Celebrity walk
  • STRANGERVILLE: Army march, possessed walk, possessed run
  • ISLAND LIVING: Walk & look down
  • DISCOVER UNIVERSITY: Servo walk, servo float, mechanical suit float
Some of the examples of the walk styles in action:


None so far, but feel free to let me know if there's one.

This mod should be compatible with any mod since it's a pure scripting mod.

- French by PetiteCeriseSims
- Brazilian Portuguese by -SANTi-
- Spanish by Rocco182
- Chinese by mumulinovo

Additional Credits:
- Triplis (who originally created "Walk your Way" mod, the mod that inspired the creation of this mod. Triplis also gave me the permission to post this mod and helped me on making the mod possible)
- Mod Constructor by Zerbu
- Scumbumbo (RIP) for originally creating XML Injector
- Several testers from Twitter, especially LuddySimmer, casfulleditmode, and orcyvideos