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[Fix] Nifty Knitting - Autonomous knitting during Club Gatherings [ update]

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Uploaded: 7th Aug 2020 at 6:16 PM
Updated: 27th Aug 2020 at 9:16 AM
The issue: when Sims are part of a club gathering, and one of the chosen club activities is knitting, non-played Sims will not start to knit autonomously like they do with other club activities. This is due to a missing prompt in one of the XML files.

The fix: I added the missing XML lines to ensure that Sims start to knit autonomously during a club gathering when the Knitting activity is active for the club.

This mod requires: Get Together, Nifty Knitting

Updating the mod: Remove the old file, then put the new file into the Mods folder (max 1 subfolder deep)


OPTIONAL: Cooldown buff Add-on
This add-on changes the GLOBAL duration of the autonomous knitting cooldown in the game. The original cooldown in the game is 48 hours (2 days), which means if a Sim knit at any time during the past 2 days they won't autonomously knit during club gatherings.

I'm still looking to fix it so that it only affects the cooldown during club gatherings, but in the meantime I provided an alternative fix where you can choose how long cooldown buffs last in-game time.

ONLY CHOOSE ONE. Installing multiple versions will create conflicts.


I am very new to modding (as in not editing someone else's mod) and did my best to add all relevant lines. It works without issue in my game, but there may be unexpected behavior that I haven't encountered yet. If you find anything, please let me know! I'd be happy to dive deeper.

This mod overrides:

8/27/2020 - With the update Sims who knit now get a cooldown buff that lasts 48 in-game hours and prevents them from knitting autonomously during club gatherings when active. Since 2 in-game days is quite long, I provided an additional mod with a quick fix.
8/8/2020 - version 1.1 - Updated the mod so that Sims will also be prompted to resume knitting, rather than just start new projects every time. The previous version led to some played but currently not active household Sims to not knit, as I assume their household funds were down to 0 from starting so many new projects. When I added the ability to resume knitting, they appeared to resume their existing projects again. (Even if I'm mistaken, it doesn't seem to hurt to update the mod to include this!)

Last updated:
August 8th 2020: Updated mod description, updated to v1.1
August 7th 2020: Mod release