Sage of Mastery Magic + Mastery Spells + Ghost Butler + Alchemy

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2020 at 8:11 PM
Updated: 31st Aug 2022 at 8:48 PM - Version 2.16
Sage of Mastery Magic + Mastery Magic Spells
3rd mod, but a big mod.


For more information regarding the state of the mod, please read here:

Set Requirements

Sage of Mastery Magic & Alchemy Sage - RoM
Mastery Spells - Dependent, please refer below
Alchemy - RoM, V, OR


Errors/LEs With Dark Apparation Spell

Note that this applies to Version 1.84+

If you are getting erroneous errors from the mod, chances are that the game cannot reference the Dark Apparation Spell from your mod.

Please do not use the file structure that I have used for the mod download. Instead I recommend that the files should be put in a folder that has a directory not up to 255 characters (i.e. ~/Mods/TD1 Sage of Mastery Magic)

Cauldron Routing Issue


Any Sim that have Bat or Mist Teleport (Vampire and Mod Version) Enabled MUST disable their teleports otherwise the Sim will cancel the interaction and the game will spew LEs.
The problem can be fixed if you have the Teleport Memory System mod.

Update List

Version 2.16

This update fixes the following issue:
Rite of Occutify Transformation Spells (Stage 2 & 3 - Alien, Fake Alien, Servo, PlantSim and Werewolf for Charged Version) not working as intended, only affects the Actor Sim and not the TargetSim (Note: When cast on a Target Sim and not on Self).

Error caused by usage of existing loots that adds Occult Traits onto the Actor Sim, since the original interactions used only involve the Actor Sim.

With regards to Missing Texts for Other Texts, I have removed all duplicated strings to the best that I can. However if you are still facing issues, please download the STBLs package in my Discord Server. Translators can also make use of this file to translate the mod into their respective languages.

See post in the-help-forum:

Version 2.15

This update fixes, adds and removes the following:
  • Fixed an issue with object WhimsTracker not found, due to Patch 1.90 changing Whims to SatisfactionTracker
  • Added Rite of Occultify Spell for Werewolf Transformation
  • Added Perk Point Transmutation for Ability Points to Talent Points
  • Removed Standalone Transformation Spells

Version 2.14

This update fixes the following:
  • Custom Tomes and Reagents Purchase (inclusive DEBUG) not appearing on the Market Stalls
  • Unable to Summon, Dismiss a Ghost Butler via phone or Urnstone

Issue described above is caused by a Class mismatch on the snippet responsible for the Affordance Injector (AF2/3), where the snippet was referencing AF2 instead of AF3 which does not support multiple instances.

Version 2.13

This update fixes the Dark Apparation Toggle Issue due to the implementation of TMS integration which in turn accidentally replaced the toggle with the TMS Toggle.

Version 2.11

This update adds a missing height tunable to all custom UITextInputs introduced on Patch 1.77.

Version 2.10

This update addresses issues caused by the recent patch, specifically custom tests. Besides that, expect one new spell: Lightning Manipulation.

This spell allows the user to cast a spell to summon a lightning and shock others, but be careful, repeated use of this spell may lead to your Sim dying from Electrocution. Requires Seasons.

Version 2.00

After 1.84, I have been in the works, overhauling some of the spells, fixing some stuffs and adding new scripts. I however am still not finished with the spells that I've planned to make.

Package Notice

Starting from Version 2.00, I have merged most packages and removed redundant packages from the equation. You will need to remove the last version of the mod you currently completely before putting the current version into your Mods folder.

As packages are merged, I have used my Pack Test to ensure that your Sim will not be able to unlock those spells. I cannot guarantee for potential LEs if you cheat the spells in.

As for the Mastery Spells Debug, please refer to the Debug Access Panel .

I have overhauled the following spells:
  • Greenify & Smogify (UI Input)
  • Perk Point Transfer (UI Input)

I have also upgraded the mod to use injections for the zoneDirector and merged both Zer0's Cauldron Potions along with mine to prevent Overrides Issues.

For Older Updates, please look at the Comments Section.

Important Info


MagicHQ Venue Override

If you have Zero's VampireWitches Mod, you will need to use the MagicHQZoneDirectorTuningOverride.package and place it in the Overrides folder (C:\~\The Sims 4\Mods\Overrides)

Mod Information

The Sage of Mastery Magic Mod adds a new Sage into the Magic Realm. This Sage specialise in all Schools of Magic.
Just felt like adding a new sage to spice things up. This sage can teach all spells, ultimate spells and all potion spells. Even a played sim can be the Sage. They can also teach Vampire Magic, if you have the Vampire Witches mod.

Note: The game will choose a random townie or spawn a NPC to be the Sage. S4S is having issues trying to convert my sim into a Template.

Besides the Mastery Sage, I have implemented Magic Sages without Situation Jobs. Sages without Situation Jobs means that they can teach spells and potions without the constraints of the Venue. The Mastery Sage (Situation) is able to teach outside the Magic Realm provided if you have enabled it.

Part of this mod allows Situation Job Magic Sages to create a Situation Job whilst not in the Magic Realm.

The Mastery Spells mod and all of it?s addons

Adds 18 spells into the game. 9 of the spells are from my SpellCurses Mod converted for this mod. You will expect HP naming spells.(I?m getting bad at naming spells and was getting hooked with fantasy movies)

How to Learn Mastery Spells (Fetch Quest)


To learn a Mastery Spell, you can speak to a Mastery Sage to learn the spell. If you don't like talking to Sages, you can buy a tome at the Wands Shop to learn them. Or if you like some fun challenge, you can battle it out with other spellcasters with Magic Duels.

You can totally ignore this little part
Sorry if the picture confuses you. I was using a Sage of Untamed + Mastery Magic to ask a Sage of Untamed Magic for the fetch quest. Oh and btw, A Sage of Mastery Magic can ask the 3 sages to teach Mastery Spells. (Its just there for testing.)

This feature is only unlocked once you have done the fetch quest.

The debug interaction for buying the tomes (All 16 tomes) can be accessed by shift-clicking the wands shop.

Spells List (All addons & Updated as of 1.60)

SpellCurses [RoM] (Mastery Spells Version)

Brief Overview, with this addon, you can cast the spells on a spellcaster to give them a curse. Only Curse of Repulsiveness works on all sims.

Needs Transcendence [Ultimate Spell]
This spell is what it says, to freeze your needs.

The following commodities can be frozen:
  • Bladder
  • Hunger
  • Energy
  • Social
  • Fun
  • Hygiene
  • Temperature
  • Vampire Power
  • Thirst
  • Robot Durability
  • Robot Charge [Need freeze for this motive will have some UI issues, it works anyway]

Rite of Sageify [Final Ultimate Spell]

This spell can only be learnt if you have learnt the other 16 spells. Once learnt, you can become a sage (Situation and Non-Situation, do note that you will need a mod that allows you to Play as The Sage)

Mystical Blessing [JA]

Basically a money siphoner spell. Cooldown of 1 day.

Greenify & Smogify [EL]

This spell will change the eco footprint of the lot to a Green or Industrial with the following options:
  • Greenify. +25
  • Greenify +100
  • Greenify +250
  • Greenify +500
  • Smogify -25
  • Smogify -100
  • Smogify -250
  • Smogify -500
  • Neutralify +/-0
You will need to learn both spells in order to cast the spell.

Very not relevant note:
EA?s commodity motive for eco footprint shows Green to be negative and Industrial to be positive, All interactions are made as Green as positive and industrial to be negative clarity?s sake.

When one of the spell is cast, based on your option (e.g. Greenify +100), the commodity will move to its proposed value (Green 100) regardless of its original value.

Ghosticus Servantus [VG]


I?ve always liked Ghost Butlers, so here?s my take. Basically a butler but a ghost.

You need to know the Minionize and Necrocall spells before casting it.

Vampires can also summon a ghost butler, but they need the perks: Manipulate Life Spirit and Command.

Non Spellcasters and Vampires can hire a Ghost Butler from the phone through Household. Vampires and Spellcasters can only summon a ghost butler by a tombstone or urn.

I've also overridden the butler trait to make it non NPC useable alongside the ghost butler trait. However in order to give the Sim the butler career, NPCC may be needed to assign the Sim the job. (Just a mess really)

Very not relevant note:
My method of having a ghost butler is to use regular butlers and an action tuning will turn them into ghosts. These ghost butlers can become a butler whilst still having the ghost butler trait due to the ghost implementation in the game.

Soulus Wraith [RoM]

The night wraith is a special ghost, so I made it that spellcasters can be them and can scare sims around them. Plus the ghost effect is cool.

The real Night Wraith is always sad while the Night Wraith I implemented has a Fine +50 moodlet to not make it too depressing for that Sim(+3 Sad I presume)

Just like the real Night Wraith, the screaming is available, and will scare sims and they will get the tense moodlet. Usual stuff.

The Killing Curse - Or you know its name[RoM]

Literally a HP spell. Sims who are killed by this spell can only be revived by a Restoration Spell.

There are 2 options to using this spell to kill sims, one is in the Magic Piemenu with the witch icon, the effect of it is that the sim turns into a ghost. (Perfect for families who doesnt to lose sims) The other way is through the spells menu, and that option will spawn the reaper and the urn.

I did not want tap in to Dedeathify for the sole reason that I have to update the spell often when new deaths come in.

Dark Apparation [RoM]

This spell allows you to teleport like a dark lord or the grim reaper. Yup, thats it.

Probably Asked Questions

Q; What do you mean by Situation and No Situation Job? (Very technical question and answer)

A: SItuation Job is a tuning in the game, Magic sages, doctors and many others have this situation job, some of whom have a venue to partake in. When No Situation Job is used, it means that they do have that Situation Job and they are not listed in the Venue/Zone tuning, thereby not having a role for them. In this case there is a role (not tuning) but it is simulated through a buff that have the relevant interactions that makes them a sage.

Q: I don't want a random townie to be the Sage, I want to create a Sim dedicated to be the sage.

A: First, make sure you do not load into the magic realm, if your sim is in the magic realm, leave immediately and save. After installing the mod, give your Sim-to-be-Sage these traits. They should be the Sage of Mastery Magic when you visit with another sim.

  • TD1:trait_MagicSage_Master
  • TD1:trait_CanLearn_MasterSpells

Note: If you want to play as the Mastery Sage and be at the magic realm, make sure you have a second sage to back you so that a townie does not become the sage and ruin your gameplay.

Extra note: I have found out that the game does not like to assign roles to Sims that are created or born with an occult when you are playing with that sim. For that, you can use the Create MagicSage role to force assign the role to your sim.


For the String tables, it can be found in the Sages + Mastery Spells + Alchemy.package file. Do note that certain texts (notifications for the Perk Point and Eco Spells) are raw text and cannot be changed in STBL.

The string tables can be found in the following .package files for Pre 2.00 Versions
  • Sage of Mastery Magic.package
  • Mastery Spells Main Module.package
  • Mastery Spells Tomes and Duelling.package

Known Issues

Sages implemented may have the chance of having the teach spell animation messed up if they are carrying an item.

Custom spells that have a certain Situation Test in the learn spell action tuning will leave the sage to teach with no spell being taught.

Below is the code that causes the issue in the Learn Spell Action Tuning (Ln 56 - 67). For the spell to work with the sage, you can remove this block of code. Removing that should not interfere with the original intentions of the spell.
<L n="tests">
    <V t="situation_job_test">
      <U n="situation_job_test">
        <E n="participant">TargetSim</E>
        <L n="situation_jobs">

Additional Credits:
Zero - Original Idea
Scumbumbo & Triplis - XML Injector