Flower Lover's Cottage (no CC)

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Margaret Falcon studied literature and used to work as a teacher, she loved her job, but eventually felt she was burned out and it was not the same anymore. The new school principal was not as efficient at bringing the community together as the previous one and he kind of failed at promoting the school that was located in an old, historical building. This is why she decided to quit her job and look for something else to do. This is how she owned a small cafe in the city after she found a place to open it. Previously, a pet shop was open there, but the owner retired and left the town along with the shop. Margaret rented it very cheaply.

Miss Falcon used her cafe as an opportunity to surprise everybody with her creativity and baking skills, as well as her amazing host skills. The place was very cosy and friendly, it had some regular customers who just wanted to spend a nice time somewhere. During that time, she also met the man who later became her fiance. They spent some of the most significant moments together... Or so she thought back then.

Margaret's life did bring her satisfaction, but she still felt she was lacking something in her everyday reality. All in all, she felt she was forever stuck in her tiny apartment working every week, and the landlords of the building her cafe was located in started to make things difficult by trying to make the rent higher and higher. After some time, the business barely brought any income and did not make miss Falcon a living. On top of that, Michael, her fiance, ended up cheating on her with her former best friend. He later regretted it, but Margaret was certain she did not want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Miss Falcon was looking for a new way to live the rest of her life. She had always loved novels about the female characters who find their dream homes and enjoy the simplest moments there later. Her dream house was a place in a quiet and friendly area where she could spend her free time taking care of the garden, painting, and reading books. Of course, also cooking and baking, as this was the passion that led her to opening her small cafe.

One day, Margaret decided to change everything. One of her relatives inherited a small house on a countryside. However, they did not want to live there, and agreed to sell it for a very low price. This is when Miss Falcon sold her cafe, moved out of her apartment, and bought that house. She had to remodel this house a bit, as it stayed uninhabited for some time and there were some outcomes of the neglect, such as the omnipresent mould on the walls, doors with broken locks, leaking roof, and rusty pipes. Margaret had to put a lot of work to make the house look nice again, and she was satisfied with the result.

The house has a cosy living room that is also perfect for inviting friends and drinking coffee with them, the fireplace makes it particularly pleasant during the winter. Perhaps Santa will also visit the cottage someday?

Since Margaret enjoys cooking, she made sure the kitchen was functional, but also very comfortable so that she could enjoy spending her time there a lot.

The house also has a study room, it looks a bit old-fashioned, as some of the furniture originally from the house could be retrieved and miss Falcon made a good use of what was still well-functioning.

And finally, the garden. Margaret Falcon has always liked the peaceful atmosphere and well-maintained gardens. The house is recognisable for this particular feature among the other houses in the area, and this is why she considers it her special place in the world.

As I was building this house, it reminded me of all these novels for women and this is why I wrote this tiny little story. I haven't playtested this lot, but everything should work properly, you can move in your Sims here, your own Margaret, perhaps, or somebody completely different. You can also remodel this house to your own liking (you might want to, since I use no CC in my MTS submissions) and create your own stories there, if you come up with any interesting ones, feel free to share them with me in the comments, I'll always be willing to read them. This house's gable should be weatherproof and there should be no issues during winter or cold weather in general.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 94137

Additional Credits:
Mootilda for Turn On/Off All Lights - thanks to this modification, I can make screenshots with the lights on in the build/buy mode. Link: https://modthesims.info/d/492998/tu...all-lights.html

Each one of you for the appreciation of my work and for the support.