Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet - Comfy Ariel "Fab Crab" Comfy Squad Outfit

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Uploaded 26th Aug 2020 at 11:30 AM

An outfit based on Ariel's alternative comfy outfit as seen as part of Hasbro's Disney Princess Comfy Squad doll series. Originally, I was going to have a single version of the outfit that could be used for both male and female Sims, but given my choice in meshes and how they came together in a mess, I ended up making individual versions of the outfit except for the leggings which had no issue.

This outfit is accessible to both male and female Sims, for Teens, Adults, Young Adults, and Elders.

The tops for both versions can be found in the Tops category (classified under T-Shirts).
The shorts (Male version only) in the Bottoms category (classified under Shorts).
The skirt (Female version only) can be found in the Bottoms category as well, under Skirts.
The leggings can be found in the Accessories category, classified under Leggings. This particular item has no gender restriction, and can be used for both versions of the outfit.

Please note that whilst the male and female Sim pictured are both wearing shoes with the outfit, these shoes are not part of the mod itself but rather just an item from the Base Game that works quite well with this outfit. The doll itself just has a pair of plain white trainers so feel free to wear whatever footwear you'd like with this outfit!

All of the meshes used to make these items originate from the Base Game so you do not need to have any packs in order to use the content!

If there are any issues with downloading please let me know! Thank you!