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TS3_TS2 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff - Fun

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Uploaded: 1st Oct 2020 at 5:32 PM
Updated: 20th Mar 2021 at 11:46 AM - Updated pics.
These items are bright and bold and sure to make you smile

I would recommend using the Groovy Collection (of the University Expansion Pack) to compliment these items and personally I am delighted with the results as ideal for creating retro homes or community lot discos.

Please note that the ChocoSofa and ChocoSpacer are living chairs and do not actually link together but can be placed in 'nooks & crannies' or in front of a window.

The So Very 80's wall light displays correctly in a room with no windows, day or night. If the room has a window, try placing the light on a wall that is not in the path of the window. Also, the So Very 80's Light has been centered on 1x1 wall light so best placed in the middle of a wall for three.

N.B. The Neonis Foosball Table is functioning as a snooker table. Previously I had removed this item as I am unable to find a suitable alternative - Arcade games can be played with two players but the players take turns alternatively and the Massage table needs two Sims for the game option of giving a massage. Per request, I have added back the Neonis Foosball Table zip.file.

Each item has a separate folder containing the mesh and two recolors. If you wish to recolor using SimPE, please use the item ending with the word mesh.

Buy Mode
Blips Vs. Pixel is an electronic item costs $1450, location Electronics/Entertainment and By Room/Living Room/Electronics
ChocoSofa is a living chair costs $225, location Comfort/Living Chair and By Room/Living Room/Comfort
ChocoSpacer is a living chair costs $175, location Comfort/Living Chair and By Room/Living Room/Comfort
Neonis Foosball Table is an electronic item costs $6,225, location Electronics/Miscellaneous and By Room/Living Room/Electronics
Rad Glamour is a picture costs $925, location Decorative/Wall Hangings and By Room/Living Room/Decorative
So Very 80's is a wall light costs $145, location Lighting/Wall Lights and By Room/Living Room/Lighting
Suspended Plantorb is a plant costs $135, location Decorative/Plants and By Room/Living Room/Decorative

Happy Simming!

Polygon Counts:
Blips Vs. Pixel = Polygon 777
ChocoSofa = Polygon 988
ChocoSpacer = Polygon 428
Neonis Foosball Table = Polygon 1132
Rad Glamour = Polygon 100
So Very 80's = Polygon 740
Suspended Plantorb = Polygon 432

Additional Credits:
Thanks to TSR Workshop, SimPE, MilkShape 3D and EA Games as without these programs creating items would not be possible.