[GP04:V] Custom Vampire Powers

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2020 at 1:07 PM
Updated: 24th Jul 2021 at 11:12 AM - Version 1.50
Compatibility Updates

This mod is should work with The Sims 4 Version 1.70, However if you have any LE issues, please report them on my Discord Server


Version 1.50

This update adds a missing height tunable to all custom UITextInputs introduced on Patch 1.77.

Version 1.44

Updated Libraries to simplify tunings.

Version 1.43

Minor Logging additions implemented for Sims 4 Logger & the MasterApprentice Logger.

Version 1.42

This second hotfix update really fixes the Idle Hissing issue, turns out I cannot override with script and have to do it by Buff.

Version 1.41

This hotfix update fixes two issues:
  • Hissing Toggle not appearing due to a trait test from the scrapped mod.
  • Hissing autonomy on Sims with the No Hissing trait.

Version 1.40

Notice on File Naming Change

The File Name of the mod has change, remember to remove the OLD PACKAGE before putting the new one in.

Before we get to the update, this mod was supposed to be superseeded by another mod called Perk Learner. However due to issues and futureproofing issues, it was laid off, therefore meaning that this mod will still be supported.

This update added the following:[list][*] Vampires with Uncontrollable Hissing will no longer be able to Toggle Hissing.[*] New Power: Transfer & Transmute Perk Point (Vampires)
As the superseeding never happened, I have moved this power/perk into the mod therefore bridging the Spellcaster Version & this one together.

This power allows you to transfer or steal Power Points from another vampire. You can do this by Offering Power Points, Asking For Power Points or Stealing Power Points.

For Perk Point Transmutation, only Vampire-Spellcaster Hybrids can use this. You can transmute Talent Points into Power Points.

Version 1.21

This hotfix update fixes an issue where the hissing buffs are in day_buffs. They are now properly moved into buffs.

Version 1.2

This update adds the functionality to enable/disable idle hissing. Controlling Idle Hissing is only allowed at Grand Master.

Package Name Change

Currently, the mod package has a name change at Version 1.20. Please remove the old mod package when updating the mod.

Version 1.1

StringTables is now added for all other languages. (This mod was sitting in my Mods Folder for a long time so it was very likely I've missed something.)


Brazillian Portuguese - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cR...iew?usp=sharing (qlaqercoixsa)

Mod Description

As I'm sure that you know, Vampires don't have any form of reflection. Now, modders have tried to give reflection to Vampires, but the modification done will affect all Vampire Sims. Now, LittleMissSam's Vampire Powers mod works differently, her mod allows the Vampire Sim to gain reflection, but for a limited time (I think it's 28 days, but I hate having to replenish the buff).

This mod allows the Vampire Sim to choose 3 types of reflection depending on their Vampire Rank, they can also choose to not have any reflection on the mirror.

This mod allows each vampire to choose their own reflection, and not affect other vampires at the same time. And this allows for more types of personality to be made, your choice on that...

Nighttime Reflection

Nighttime Reflection is unlocked when you become a vampire; Fledging Vampire (Rank 1)

When activated, the Vampire Sim will only reflect at nighttime, and will not reflect in the day.

As a creature of the night, the Vampire Sim can try to blend in with other Sims with their reflection; well during the night. Once the day comes he/she will lose his/her reflection, and will return at nightfall.

Daytime Reflection

Daytime Reflection is unlocked when the Vampire Sim is a Prime Vampire (Rank 3)

When activated, the Vampire Sim will reflect at daytime, and will not reflect in the night.

If you equip Daytime Reflection while having Nighttime Reflection, you will lose Nighttime Reflection, and vice-versa.

As a Prime Vampire, the Vampire Sim is able to show their reflection in the day, allowing them to blend amongst the Sim popularity, well not in the nighttime. He/shew will lose their reflection at nightfall and will return at dawn.

Constant Reflection

Constant Reflection is unlocked when the Vampire Sim is a Grand Master Vampire (Rank 5)

When activated, the Vampire Sim will reflect in the daytime and the nighttime.

Having finessed Daytime & Nighttime Reflection, the Vampire Sim is now able to have a Constant Reflection, being able to blend with others fully with no consequences of losing their reflection. He/she can choose to switch the type of reflection or remove their reflection at any point in time they wish to.


This mod conflicts with the Buff Tuning: buff_Vampire_IsVampire

If you use my Allow Vampire Powers & Interactions in Batuu (Part of Allow Outfits + Occult Interactions in Batuu), this mod package must be placed in the Overrides Folder (Mods/Overrides).

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